WikiLeaks CIA Download…

Roger Simon on thePJ Media site has done a piece on Wikileaks documents that confirms the CIA is listening to all of us or at least putting forth the effort to do so.  The link to that site appears below if you have any interest in digging deeper, which I imagine many readers will wish to do.

Among the ways in which this appears to be occurring is through our smart TVs whether or not those are turned on at the time.  Simon says (cute don’t you think) the question about whether or not President Trump was tapped “has been reduced to a joke. The only question is how often and from how many places.”  The link to this article is found here:

This places an entirely different onus on the oft-asked question.  The question no longer is “if” but how often or so it seems.  I knew that I hated appliances and devices smarter than me, but now I understand just why I was correct in thinking that way.  That is scary but by the same token, there isn’t much of interest anyone is going to glean from bugging my smart TV unless my occasional ‘sleep noises’ contain meaningful information.

Seriously, this implies that we are almost defenseless in this world of today as individuals trying to protect ourselves.  IF the criminal element has not yet begun to use this approach, it seems quite likely that it will soon, and that is probably more concerning to us who do not harbor state secrets since we represent the lambs waiting to be fleeced in their private worlds.

We have probably all heard of the scam where a telephone caller asks us a question designed to elicit the answer ‘yes’ and then that recorded answer is subsequently used to charge things to our credit cards, etc. as the proof the merchandise or service was ordered.  By the time we become aware, a lot of financial damage can be done.

We think that damage to our finances is the worst thing about these kinds of scams, but if we re-apply our thinking to world affairs and the damage that could be wrought in use of illegally obtained classified information, the potential for significant problems is highlighted as if under a spotlight.  What kind of information might be purloined or altered in a message from President Trump to another world leader, for example?  What kind of information can be obtained from hotel room smart TVs where heads of state may be living for a few days?

What could China or Russia do with the ability to gather information through these means?  I suspect that a smart TV, for example, could be surreptitiously compromised without anyone entering the room since it is connected to the Internet and has the ability to be accessed from outside.

Maybe more likely is the potential for this to be used to make it seem you or I have authorized charges for a purchase that we haven’t made and never intended to make.  If these thefts are automated, the numbers could be staggering.  We must be mindful of the seeming ease with which personal account numbers, passwords etc. can be had by those desiring.  We could be seriously damaged financially or even bankrupted in a matter of days and, in all likelihood, we’d not even be aware until we tried to use a credit card or had a debit card refused for insufficient funds in our account that had been attacked.

Just when we thought it was safe to go back into the water, a new form of shark is waiting for us.

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