Life Steps In…

We get very comfortable in our daily routines, at least I do, and consequently begin more and more to take things for granted.  Then there comes the announcement of the passing of so and so, and we step back, take a deep breath and ponder our lives.  It is at that point where we, again, if we’ve forgotten to do so for a while, become more sober observers of life.

We know it is fragile and yet we too often seem to ignore that fact.  If we worship the Lord, we may take some extra time in that endeavor remembering those who have gone before and reminding ourselves that our time lies ahead.  It is then that we if we know the Lord personally, pick up where we were and proceed step by step through the day knowing He is watching over us.

We celebrate the life of s/he who has passed away, and we say a prayer for those who are left to mourn.  If there were ‘issues’ between us, we think more deeply about this passing.  We might ask ourselves why it was that neither of us was able to overcome old issues that had separated us, or that had poisoned our relationship.  We are only human and humans are both fragile and destined, it seems, to make the same mistakes time and again.

This time of mourning is actually a good time in that it reminds us if we have those ‘people’ things hanging over us, that we never really know when ‘our’ time will come.  It encourages us to make amends with those whom we have somehow wronged while we are still able to do so.  It might be nothing more than a brief letter or card to express our thoughts and seek forgiveness for past wrongs.

As you can tell, we have a funeral to attend today.  It takes us back to our roots.  We’ll see people whom we grew up with and who were parts of our lives when we were becoming adults (at least as measured by years).  We will have memories, some fond and some anguishing.  We will wonder how it is that those people we used to associate with daily came to be as old as they appear to be today.  And, we’ll recall that we, too, have aged with the passing of time.

Today will be a day without politics unless someone thinks it appropriate to get one of those conversations started.  It will be a day of pondering, of remembering family and friends.  We’ll see some of our contemporaries and their children, who are adults today, and their children’s children and we’ll think a lot of thoughts on our way home.

These are days we know we all have in our futures and, as we age we get more accustomed to these days.  If the Lord walks with us, we are comfortable in His love.  If we haven’t quite gotten to the point of being able to accept the Lord, this might be the day that we finally do so, and if that occurs this death was a gift to us the living.


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