Trump Tapped?

Much has been heard lately about President Trump’s tweet to the effect that he had been wire-tapped by our federal government.  As has been, and is to be, expected, the press generally ridiculed the charge.  There is reason to believe, however, that the FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) court did authorize such surveillance when it was resubmitted by the Obama Administration without naming Trump but instead naming three associates of his campaign organization.  Apparently, the suspicious activity involved Russia according to the complaint.

Trump was not named in this ‘approved’ surveillance but he probably did correctly identify the tap as having been on the Trump campaign HQs in the Trump Towers building in New York City.  Trump believes this was politically motivated although the Obama Administration claims to have never interfered in a Justice Department independent investigation.

Given all the issues we’ve witnessed over time with the Obama people who were brought into the Federal government, do we simply roll over and take the former administration’s claims to have had no involvement?  Personally, that is a very, very difficult pill for me to swallow.  Are we to believe that President Obama had no knowledge of this FISA surveillance of trump campaign officials?  We know he should not have had prior knowledge, but how do we really know for certain given the history?

President Obama may have had no DIRECT involvement, but I seriously doubt he didn’t give at least a wink and a nod in approval of this activity.  I’ll await his denial…and hope it will ring true.

Back to the question:  was Trump tapped or was it his campaign staff that was tapped?  It was almost certainly the campaign that was attacked.  Regardless, would it not have made sense for, now President, Trump to think of this activity as being a wire tap operation aimed at him since it was directed at his campaign?  Of course, he would think of it those terms.

We can be assured that Trump’s building was ‘tapped’ even thought the tap was aimed at his campaign operatives.  It would be impossible to discriminate between Trump the man and Trump the campaign.  This emerging information should give us all pause for concern.  That a sitting President, either directly or only indirectly, might have interfered in a Presidential campaign that would select his successor ought to be significant news.

We’ll see if this truly grows a major set of legs or if it simply slides off the front page by tomorrow.  We know the former President intends to make the sitting President a target of consistent attacks from his elegant District of Columbia mansion.  We know he dislikes the current President with a passion likely bordering on absolute hate.

At the present, this seems to have already grown quite a set of legs to the point that it will not go away soon.  Nor should it go away soon.  This is an out and out abuse of power, and various people in the government had to have been complicit in order for this to have gone forward at all.  There might not be literal ‘finger prints’ all over this activity, but we know where it had its genesis if we are to be at all honest with self.

There is a decidedly bad odor coming from the swamp of District of Columbia politics.  It is coming from the Democratic side of national politics.  Those people who are honest and genuine Democrats ought to be shocked, disgusted and dismayed by this activity literally on their behalf since it was done in their names.

I will be most interested in the national press corps and its handling of this latest episode of Democrat misbehavior.  Will the national press corps continue to put lipstick on this pig, or will it finally come to its senses and realize that it, and us as collateral damage, have been played for fools for far too long.  Will it atone for the silk glove handling of Hillary Clinton and her corruption?  Will it finally have an ‘honest’ meeting within itself and decide that it needs to clean up its act?

We have seen the Bill Clinton’s meeting with the U.S. Attorney General on an Arizona tarmac.  We have seen the cover-ups of all the Bill Clinton history, and Hillary’s missteps at the expense of others.

This is ‘on-the-press’ and it needs to make atonement for having misled us for years.  Enough is enough.  This latest episode is just one more in the never-ending string of such episodes.  The press is supposed to serve as a watchdog and not a lapdog.  It has, unfortunately for our country, been the cuddly little puppy that loves it Democrat masters.

Let’s see if this finally makes the press recognize the ugly sores on its face or if it just plasters heavier layers of cover-up cosmetics on and casts asides at Trump’s administration.

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