Democrats’ Dumpster Fire…

I enjoy the National Review and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to use a phrase from David French’s article on the Pence AOL e-mail usage vs. Hillary’s server issues.  This dealt with Pence’s use of AOL for some of his gubernatorial business e-mails while he was in Indiana as contrasted with Clinton’s home-brewed private server used where national secrets were involved.

All too many Democrats still refuse to own their own dumpster fire.  They refuse to grapple with the hard reality that their own establishment united to foist a dishonest candidate on the American people.  They keep trying to paint the election of 2016 as a battle between good and evil, between social progress and cultural darkness.  This narrative is utterly false.  The Democratic party has no moral high horse to mount, and no amount of post-election spin can sell Hillary Clinton as anything other than what she was, a corrupt machine politician who should have been spending her time finalizing her plea bargain, not campaigning for president of the United States.

David French – attorney, staff writer & senior fellow for National Review

Democrats still seem to believe that they can overcome their trust deficit with the American people by simply laying the blame on all but themselves.  We see that deficit of good faith daily in Congress as the Democrats try diligently to delay and obfuscate without regard for the fact they are in the minority for good reason: we are tired of their worn out tactics.  They need a new playbook and they need new players.

As if this were not enough, we have former president Obama and his wife moving into their new D.C. mansion with Valerie Jarrett living there, too.  His new stated plan is to destroy President Trump’s tenure either through impeachment or forced resignation.  What a guy!  Had anyone written a story line such as we witness daily from this former president, it would’ve been seen as so far out as to be unsaleable even as comedy.  And he and she have just taken an advance payment of some $65,000,000 for books as yet unwritten.

Again, we seem to be caught up in a real-life Alice in Wonderland story.  It would’ve heretofore been impossible to make this stuff up.  Given all that, the national press is absent-without-leave, AWOL.  The press representatives are ‘gung ho’ in press briefings, and then strangely unconcerned about the biggest story in Washington, D.C.  After all, when was the last time a former president openly declared his intent to get the newly-elected President thrown out of the Oval office?  Where is the press on this issue?

All this backdrop lies in plain view in our nation’s capitol and the press is focused on whether or not President Trump appeared presidential yesterday.  If there were any members of that press corps worth their salt, they’d be playing this story up every day.  The total ignorance of the story tells us all we need to know about this press corps.  It could go on vacation for a month and we wouldn’t suffer any less real news than we seem to be getting now.

Can we consider the virtually total lack of reportorial effort in the face of an obviously huge story to be “fake” news by its very absence?  I think that might well be the case.

Can we readers/viewers indict the reporters and their editors as co-conspirators in the denial of reporting real news?  That would make for an interesting case.

Fast-forward to eight years from now and imagine that former president Trump had just moved into the District of Columbia with the express purpose of destroying the newly seated President by impeachment or forced resignation.  Would today’s ‘news’ organizations be sitting on their thumbs as is happening today?

I rest my case for today.

One thought on “Democrats’ Dumpster Fire…

  1. I’d love to see O’Bama spend part or most of the $64 mil on inner-cities. After all, isn’t that what a community organizer should do?


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