Trump = Target…

If you thought, as I did, that Trump-mania would die down after the election had passed, we were both quite wrong.  In fact, Trump-mania has increased each week or so it seems.  President Trump is now the everyday target for the liberals, and they’re getting more and more vicious and vacuous with every passing day.

He is being blamed for anything and everything.  Most of that involves things with which he has only had tangential involvement if any involvement at all.  But, never mind; he is the President and therefore anything and everything the liberals find not to their liking will be linked to President Trump and, of course, the even-handed “we have no favorite in this fight” press will pick up the drumbeat.

The more galling thing are the haughty attitudes displayed by the liberal Democrats such as Nancy Pelosi and her ilk…and the press’ very supportive treatment of those liberals in anything and everything they decide to do.  This fuels the anti-Trump conservatives, yes they do exist, unfortunately, to get with the drumbeat, thus adding to the cacophony.

There are, unfortunately, too many Republicans who have put their backbones in the hall closet and who simply bend and sway whichever way the liberals decided the wind will blow from for the coming days or weeks.

The Senator Jeff Session meeting with the Russian Ambassador is conveniently available and lends itself to being overlaid on the rest of the chatter.  Of course, the press is only too happy to help the liberals so these things become tempests-in-the-teapot rather than disappearing overnight when the next “scandal of the day” is released to the public.

As conservatives, we know what we can expect, and we can weather the storm given the practice we’ve had.  That does nothing, however, to blunt the rest of the garbage being fed to a seemingly near-illiterate public at least so far as daily events are concerned.  The latest shiny object attracts their attention and that helps the liberals who are busy dreaming up their next kerfuffle to be fed to the ignorant masses courtesy of the media.

We will survive and surmount this as we have done with all the other situations like this, BUT…

Is there really no honor left in the media?  Are they really so bereft of honor that they have come to believe what they preach about themselves and us to be true?  The liberals own the media, or so it seems.  The love fest is so gooey-sweet as to be sickening.  The self-described “Media Watchdogs” are seldom evident in such situations as this.  The ‘press’ piles on to the benefit of the liberals and it is simply business as usual.  There are no utterances to point out the fallacy of a free and balanced press.  Of course, why would the press condemn itself so long as the people remain sufficiently gullible as to buy into the myth?

These are among the things that make us conservatives joyful when we see President Trump put the press in its place.  When President Trump calls it like he sees it, we all can step back, regather our strength of purpose and move ahead.  But we must remain ever vigilant, and not back down in the face of an unfair media.  The old newsmen and women who were head and shoulders above today’s ilk must be turning in their graves as what passes for the media today rants and raves always, it seems, favorably disposed toward the liberals or, at the very least, failing to criticize the liberal position no matter that position.

That Nancy Pelosi and those of her ilk in this world can get away with the garbage they dump is amazing except for the fact that the press itself is so liberal it cannot see this as anything but good.

President Trump can be demeaned for his beliefs and there is not a whimper from the press decrying that treatment.  In fact, that very press will make hay of these situations for several days all the while ignoring the liberals and their fallacious actions.  It can only be that way if the press is actually joined at the hip with the liberals because it, too, is liberal.

We are not even a year into this yet and there is a new anti-Trump narrative being touted at least weekly if not more often.  The Democrats are masters of this type of attack, and the media is in lock-step with those Democrats.

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