Sudden Onset of Sit-itus…

Those of us who were so inclined saw the sudden onset of sit-itis strike the Democrats in the U.S. House and Senate yesterday.  Remarkably, that onset seemed to coincide precisely with President Trump’s speech to Congress.

President Trump was the President of all Americans last evening and it showed with his speech to Congress.  There was a notable absence of bombast and it felt and sounded good.  His subject matter was excellent.  He did and said all the right things.  His guests were well-selected.  President Trump was as presidential as any of the presidents I have seen in my lifetime.

And, to top it off, the Democrats thoroughly embarrassed themselves with their petty show.  In their defense, I suspect the Dems were a bit shell-shocked likely having entered the building thinking they were going to see President Trump make a fool of himself, and reveling prematurely in the great press moments they were going to enjoy at his expense following the speech.  They, as a group, were devastated and it showed.

This broadcast, of course, was also seen by many people around the world, especially world leaders.  Those leaders now have seen the person us voters saw…or hoped we had seen when we pulled the lever for Trump.  I have yet to see the liberal media’s take but I suspect that will be mixed.  Some will attempt to find a toehold from which they can launch criticism, while others will simply pass this off as an anomaly and not what we should expect going forward.

The Democrat members of the House and the Senate were put on notice with this speech.  This man is the real deal.  They saw what we voters saw and they saw it from the vantage point of people who have to compete in the same arena.  President Trump set a very high standard with this speech, a standard that I’d wager few expected he’d ever be able to pull off.  The ‘few’ would include those Republicans who voted for him only because they couldn’t vote for a Democrat and because they didn’t want their non-vote to count as a tacit vote for the Democrat.

In addition to being poor losers, many of the Democrats could not even make themselves provide the courtesy due a sitting President.  They sat throughout.  They acted like spoiled children pouting for the camera whenever it panned their group.  And that was at the beginning of the speech.  By the end of the speech, these people had seen their political lives flash across their minds.  It was as if they were literally dumbfounded by President Trump and his excellent delivery.  The guy they had made out to be a buffoon had just eaten their lunch and their dinner, and he did it with a grace many did not think he possessed.

Now, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we continue to see this President Trump on the world stage?  Maybe this is the person the world’s leaders see when they are with him, a well versed and well-spoken man who evidences control of his world.  If there were any doubt, we who voted for Donald Trump were vindicated by this speech.  The Democratic members of the House and Senate were shown for who and what they are…or at least what they were yesterday.  That was not a flattering image.  In fact, they showed the worst possible side of themselves, the small childish side of themselves.  They pouted for a national, at least, audience.  Democrats did not acquit themselves well with this display of petty politics.

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