Remember Guantanamo Bay?

With regularity it seems, we read of another person released from the Guantanamo Bay prison facility showing up in the news…and not because of some humanitarian involvement.  The ‘graduates’ of this facility vowed to again fight their battles if released and it seems most, if not all, have lived up to their vows.  Those laggards yet to be accounted for will no doubt live up to their boasts, as well.  It is, after all, what they do.

What could former President Obama have been thinking when he ordered these releases?  Who could he have been trying to impress?  Why did he think these worst of the worst ought to be put back on the streets to do more violence to people with whom they disagree?

It is sometimes difficult to find any rational basis for decisions made by liberals.  That seems especially the case with the Guantanamo releases.  Are these decisions driven by the need to be loved even more by fellow liberals?  Is there a total disregard for the danger being created by such releases?  Or is this some kind of liberal soul washing that is more important than the aftermath of such releases?  Does demonstrated experience mean nothing to liberals?

Even Barack Obama must have been able to fathom the hatred he was releasing to go back into the world of us more normal people (note “more” vs. “completely”).  Even he must have been able to see that these bad actors would be back to plying their trade very soon.  Once you’ve beheaded another human it must be hard to leave that “rush” behind.  How must he, Barack Obama, ‘feel’ now that he actually can read about the results of some of his release decisions?  We know that for the liberal mind ‘feelings’ are all important.  Feelings drive the world of liberals.  But that seems to be tossed out the window when things like Guantanamo releases are done.  How could you possibly feel good about such actions?

Seldom will facts be permitted to derail a liberal thought.  Facts seem to be left to conservatives in hopes they’ll deal with that kind of thing.  And then, even as the conservative minds have begun their moves based on the facts, liberals arise to attempt to thwart those actions.  Sometimes, though, there is that glimmer of recognition on the part of Democrats.  Such was the election of the lesser of evils to replace the Florida congresswoman who had run the party for way too long.  The lesser of evils was achieved by the Dems electing the less liberal of their two liberal candidates to replace Debbie Wasserman-Schultz as the party’s leader.  Even more astounding was the fact that he who was elected is a white man and he who lost is a man of color but then made a deputy leader.

The liberal Democrat party is indeed alive and well.  That is probably good since the Republicans can’t have all the fun of dealing with President Trump, now can they?  That hardly seems fair.  And, truth be known, there will probably be ample opportunity for both parties to ‘deal’ with President Trump.  There are still, and probably will continue to be, those stalwart Republicans who simply cannot accept reality; Donald Trump is really the President of the United States of America.  This, for some, is not just a bad dream that will end when they awaken in the morning.  This is real.

We the people voted and we the people elected Donald Trump as our President.  Both some Republicans and most Democrats seem still to be working on that reality.  The internecine struggle affecting Republicans shows signs of continuing for some time.  That could play into the hands of Democrats and I fear those Republicans who feel so strongly might just decide to screw over their party, and their country, and let that happen.

If Republicans cannot see the forest for the trees, the next election might see some changes that will astonish us all.  In the meantime, we have President Donald Trump to occupy us no matter where we stand on that issue.  But that still leaves the release of Guantanamo prisoners.  Let us hope and pray that President Donald Trump does not consider the release of more Guantanamo detainees.  If anything, maybe those who prove they are still bad actors ought to be given the opportunity to again live on Guantanamo Bay.




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