Disconnect? Our Fault?

Things in general, seem to be going along ‘swimmingly’ with President Trump in office, and yet all I see in the media are doom and gloom forecasts.  Seems there must be a disconnect somewhere in the ‘chain of evidence’.

The media is an active co-conspirator along with left-leaning news wanna be players.  The Internet permits almost everyone the opportunity to write whatever they feel good about writing.  It is up to the consumer of the information presented to determine if it is believable.  Therein lies a significant problem.

We consumers of news have gotten lazy.  We do little to nothing to verify what we read and hear and watch as being truthful or even partially truthful.  In fact, it is the partially truthful information that is probably the most dangerous since there is usually enough believability so as to make one think it all must be true.  As we consumers of news have gotten lazier and lazier, we have also become more and more gullible.

So if we believe the big lie, that is on us almost more than it is on the conveyor of that information.  To a point anyway.  There will always be purveyors of partial truth no matter how many are ferreted out and shown to be non-truthful, to be gentle.  I express my opinion but I do so based on what I believe to be factual evidence.  Since everyone sees this as simply my opinion, they probably approach it with a degree of skepticism which is not typically present when we watch a national news broadcast or read a well-known news publication.

Are those publications literally outright liars?  Maybe a few are but they tend more to be expressing their opinion just as I express mine.  Yet, this blog is always going to be more carefully scrutinized than an Associated Press piece in a newspaper.  And that is part of the overall problem.

If you take the time to watch and pay close attention to a Presidential press conference, you will see and hear the different approaches from the different reporters present.  Some are all ga-ga that they were called upon while others are downright angry they weren’t called on.  The new Press Secretary rattled cages with his first conference when the old hierarchical seating arrangement was thrown out the window.  That was a not-so-subtle message to the mainstream media and it made its point.  There is a new ‘sheriff’ in town.

We each are responsible for what we believe of what we consume as ‘news’ or ‘fact-based’ information.  If we approach that task haphazardly, we may well be taken for the proverbial ‘ride’.

Fake news is real.

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