National Guard to Round-up Illegals?

A follow-on to the blog from yesterday dealing with the press conference that continues to stir up the angst of the “press” is the AP story reported by that very “press” that President Trump planned to call-up thousands of national guardsmen and women for the purposes of rounding up illegal persons currently in our country.

To the contrary, the Presidential order discusses the use of National Guardsman who have been specially trained if their use is approved by the respective state Governor since Guardsmen remain under state control unless and until ‘federalized’.  These people would have been under the command of the respective state Governors and the states would’ve been reimbursed by the federal government for services rendered.

This was an example of the “fake news” that the President decried during his press conference and which the mainstream media finally has to admit was falsely concocted or simply grossly misstated to the degree that it appeared intentional and aimed at the President as though it were factual.

You can access the entire bank of information here if you would like to see it for yourself:

We know there will never be a love fest between President Trump and the mainstream media.  We do, however, have the right to expect absolute truthfulness from the mainstream media.  My reading of this document left me with no question about federalization of the National Guard or elements of the Guard.  It is clear that states would authorize the use of state guardsmen and guardswomen who had been specially trained and that the states would maintain control over them and be reimbursed by the Feds for that use.

This AP story was one of two things: either terribly fact-sourced and reported OR intentionally printed in the form it was for purposes of attacking President Trump.  If you and I can read the document and reach the proper conclusion, why would an AP person not be able to do that as well?  If the AP did not have possession of the document it should not have run with the story.

While you and I might choose to avoid using the pejorative “fake news” it is easy to see that President Trump might’ve chosen the pejorative to get his point across.  This is a perfect example of what he has been claiming for some time.  Might it actually be the only substantiation for his claim of “fake news”?  That is certainly possible, however, this blatant expose’ of an actual false news report certainly seems to lend credence to his claims of such activity on the part of the press.

This is one example of a story that simply was not reported factually.  Have there been more or might there be more?  Who knows.  But this appears to be evidence that there has been at least one “fake news” report by the vaunted AP.

The credibility of the press has been seriously eroded so far as its treatment of President Donald Trump.  That doesn’t mean that the press will not cover President Trump any longer.  It does mean the press had better have its crap together before the story hits wires.  And it does mean that Trump has at least this example of actual “fake news” as he chooses to call it knowing that it aggravates the dickens out of the members of the nation’s press corps.

The raging dogs of the media would be well advised to tone it down a bit if it doesn’t want to find itself embarrassed yet again.  We rely on what we read and hear and see on television as being totally factual.  This example taints that forever so far as the press’s relationship with this President which didn’t exactly get off to a great start anyway.  And, it should make us consumers of AP stories aware that we ought to dig a little deeper if and when there is some so-called evidence presented that calls President Trump into doubt.

And they brought this onto themselves.  It cannot be blamed on President Trump even though he may gloat a bit over this episode.

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