Now He’s Gone & Done It…

Wow!  A simple press conference has juiced up his opponents…from the ‘mainstream media’ if there is a ‘mainstream media’.  President Donald Trump held a press conference yesterday.  I confess that I watched it.  I confess that I enjoyed the President’s free-wheeling back-and-forth with members of the press during the eighty minutes he spent taking their questions and responding to those questions.  I confess that I took some measure of delight in seeing the vaunted media mavens with the looks of horror on their faces…except when they had the “gotcha” looks going back and forth through the room.

Richard Wolf of USA TODAY has a paragraph that goes: “It was a spectacle for the ages – one that his most loyal supporters probably loved, but which political insiders have seldom, if ever, witnessed.  Taking questions from a hostile (my emphasis) press corps, Trump interrupted and belittled them repeatedly, then responded in blunt terms avoided by his predecessors.”

E.J. Dionne from the Washington Post led his article off with this paragraph:  “Let’s not mumble or whisper about the central issue facing our country: What is this democratic nation to do when the man serving as president of the United States has no business being president of the United States?”

Of course, this was probably to be expected.  After all, we went from a President in whose mouth butter wouldn’t melt to this misfit foisted upon us by the voters.  Just who do those voters think they are?  Do they think they make these huge decisions such as who will be the President?  They do so without even listening to those of us in the press who obviously know better simply because we are in the press corps.

We witnessed the apoplectic press yesterday in all its umbrage.  It was not a pretty sight.  President Trump was the same person I voted for, but the press corps was not the lapdog press corps that savored every word from the mouth of former President Barack Obama.  The experience in real life that these two men brought with them to this high position is remarkably different.  The immediate past president had virtually no experience but saw himself as the savior of the country.  The current president has a world of experience but not the kind of experience the press apparently believes is necessary if one is to be a good President.

The elitists that comprise too much of what passes for the press these days need to take a few steps back, breath deeply, maybe even put their heads down between their knees while doing so, and get a grip.  They talk about President Trump not being fit to hold the office he won fairly and squarely.  I would suggest they need to carefully look at themselves and perform a critical self-examination.  Many of us have already taken steps to move beyond being spoon-fed by the liberal media types.  If they persist in this kind of hysterical hyperbole, they’ll succeed in very nearly abolishing this “press” they revere over all else.  Had they not walked into that briefing room with huge chips on the shoulders looking forward to engaging with this buffoon that we idiots elected, maybe they could’ve gotten beyond themselves.

It is apparently wrong, in their minds, for us voters to enjoy this President for some of the differences he brought to the White House, for the breath of fresh air after the stifling elitism that pervaded the White House for the preceding eight years.

If I am to judge the quality of the person we just elected to the office of President of the United States based upon the nature and source of complaints, then that is what I’ll need to do.  At the moment, President Trump is far ahead of the mainstream media and the elites that pontificate about his demeanor and qualifications.  We’ll see how that continues, but these two media folks are off to a bad start in my book.

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