First Serious Call? For Resignation?

President Donald Trump is certainly a polarizing individual and seems to enjoy being such.  It serves to draw attention to him and to his ideas and positions.  I read a piece by Richard A. Epstein in the Defining Ideas publication of the Hoover Institution which raises the question of a Trump resignation.  That can be found here if you’re of a mind to read it:

My first inclination was to skip this piece since the Hoover Institution sits close to San Francisco and actually describes itself as a conservative organization.  The author describes himself as a classical liberal so I was hooked.  His writing is quite captivating even if one disagrees with its premise.  He has solid credentials whether or not one chooses to agree or disagree with the writing.

The writing is not quite two pages in length but has some pros and cons about where we were under the Obama Administration, and where we would’ve likely been had Hillary Clinton prevailed.  He assails the progressives’, such as Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), attacks on Judge Neil Gorsuch.

Epstein is quick to highlight the positive aspects of the Trump Administration even though he does not believe the President has gone about his job in a statesmanlike manner to this point.  He cites an “immoral flirtation with Vladimir Putin”, and questions the idea that we should run positive trade balances with all our trading partners around the world.

He concludes with the following:

Hence, I think there is ample reason to call for Trump’s resignation, even though I know full well that my advice will not be heeded.  And this welcome outcome will not happen so long as the attack against him comes solely from progressive Democrats.  Sensible Republicans should focus on the threat that he represents to their plan, and recall that the alternative is no longer Hillary Clinton, but Mike Pence.

Finally, Epstein points out that while miracles happen, a Trump transformation isn’t likely going to be among them.  I admit this isn’t what one typically finds in my blogs, but it did seem to me to be an important and well-stated critique of President Trump.  Epstein ends the writing with this:  “Unfortunately his excesses could power a progressive revival.”

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