Palace Intrigue…

It didn’t take very long for all the behind-the-scenes leaked information to hit the news.  The Trump White House is apparently filled with intrigue if the rumor-mongers are to be believed.  Trump is supposed to, according to this leaked information, be ready to fire the Press Secretary.  He is also apparently unhappy with several other members of his staff if we are to believe the rumors.

The biggest problem with all this is the simple fact that Donald Trump is not the darling of the media and the media will have its way, or so it thinks, with this interloper.  We do not have a clue as to what we should believe or what we should pooh-pooh.  Maybe we ought to simply disregard all the ‘scandals’ and wait for actual occurrences.  Maybe the media is simply creating “altcontroversy” in its angst over the fact that we voters were dumb enough to elect this man as our President.

I do not recall ever having to wait very long to learn where now-President Trump stood regarding any of the people with whom he interacted, and certainly with any he had on his personal staff.  Maybe we are witnessing a ‘tempest in a teapot’ created by those who await the explosions they just know are about to occur.

In the meantime, this new President of ours is getting on with getting on.  He is wasting no time making key decisions and dealing with issues as those arise.  This man is not timid in his use of personal power.  He’s had a lot of practice.  This man will conduct himself as he sees fit and not as the press tries to tell him to act.  If he is dissatisfied with a member of his staff, I suspect that person will be counseled and then ultimately sent packing if the dissatisfaction continues.  President Trump is able to make decisions without a lot of back-and-forth anguishing…and he certainly needs no help from the press or those who would leak palace intrigue.

Will there be some staffing changes?  I suspect that will happen.  There will probably be a few people in the several hundred that he’ll be relying upon regularly who will simply not work out for whatever the reason.  Whether that is on him or on them.

This man has run large organizations and he knows what he wants and how to go about assuring that he gets that.  His actions may not mimic those of past Presidents.  Given some of those past Presidents, I’d say President Trump is wise to make his own decisions on staffing.

Has Sean Spicer done a good job as Press Secretary?  He has so far as I am concerned.  I have enjoyed his style and his methods.  I like his intentional disrupting of the old status quo by calling on people who’d otherwise not have been called on, or certainly not at the beginning of a Press Conference.  Was this suggested by the President?  Who knows?  But it was definitely a demonstration that there was a new President in town.

These few weeks have been somewhat refreshing.  They have been a downright wondrous occurrence when compared to the act that just left this stage.  I doubt that this Presidency will ever be adjudged as having been ‘stuffy’ or ‘tiresome’.  True, there may be some re-dos but that is to be much preferred over keeping poor choices on simply to maintain the appearance of calm control on the part of a President.

We seem to forget that we wanted a new show in the White House.  We voted for a new way of conducting the nation’s business.  Members of Congress would be wise to recognize this, too.  It would be interesting to start a pool with the winner being the person who could accurately predict which staid old know-it-all member of Congress will be the first to be dressed down publicly by this new President.

I watch as the Democrats do their special ‘slow-walk’ using lofty language about this and that and how the debates need to be done in due time without necessarily hurrying just because the President wanted something down quickly.  I am waiting for the first time that one of the old-school Dems is invited into the Oval Office and given the old “what for” by this new President.  I doubt the press will give us any of the back and forth of such a meeting but I do expect there will be at least one of those, and sooner rather than later.  There is much that needs to be accomplished and I doubt that slow-walking for the sake of politics is something that will get a welcome by our new President.

Politicians of all stripes have the ability to see things one way when they’re in power and another way when they’re out of power.  That is the nature of the beast.  This President is in politics for the first time (even though he started at the top of the ladder) and he has promised to accomplish a lot on behalf of those of us who put him that position.  I believe we will see a careful but very effective use of political power, and I believe we’ll see it sooner rather than later.

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