Politics Before Country?

There is what seems a growing body of evidence that Democrats have decided that politics trumps (no pun intended) whatever might be best for our country.  We see the Democrat leaders sharpening their volleys of vindictive verbosity as opposed to oiling their weapons and putting them away until the next election cycle.  Liberal Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) can hardly contain his glee at this wonderful opportunity for more face time on TV.

All this is, of course, fueled by the left-wing media/press/judiciary all of which/who seem to be gleefully willing participants.  Talks about White House intrigue run as front page stories in some ‘rags’ that hope to eventually pass for real news publications if they can survive long enough to outlast others.  The Democrats in congress make no bones about their intentions and show themselves actually giddy over the possibilities that are going to be coming their way.

And, right on the heels of this evident approach come some of the Republicans who are still smarting over the election results and the fact they backed the wrong pony in the race to their apparent political detriment.  They may not actually qualify as RINOs (republicans-in-name-only) but they are showing their less-than-reliable-approach to party politics when the going gets a little rougher than they signed on for months ago.  A certain Arizona Senator is among the leaders of this group, as has been his apparent self-perceived calling in the Republican party.  The man is a great war hero but an unreliable conservative Republican Senator.  The earlier reputation, war hero, continues to fuel his victories when he has to again run for his Senate seat.

There is an almost daily flow of ‘rumors’ about this or that person who is now in the White House, and some of those likely come from dissident Republicans chafing because they aren’t in the White House as well as those Republicans who thought they’d find a spot in the Trump Administration and have yet to receive that call.  Most recent victim of this rumor mill is Reince Priebus, a good Wisconsin son.  He was only the national Republican Party head who engineered the political side of President Trump’s victory.

None of this ‘palace’ intrigue does anything good for the United States of America.  To the contrary, the palace intrigue actually brightens the outlook of the world’s tyrannical rulers while destroying the positive outlook of the rest of us if we permit that to occur.  Can’t you imagine Kim Jung Il sitting in his palace in North Korea as he watches the fools cavort in this non-communist country?  Might these shenanigans not serve to embolden this dictator who threatens nuclear annihilation?  And what about mainland China and its quest for domination over the nationalist Chinese on an island just a ways off the coast of China, even while it helps sustain the U.S. economy with loans?

Obstructionists have existed likely from the very first national election to this date.  They have gained power, however, with the advent of a press that can provide virtually instantaneous ‘news’ to the masses (that would be you and me).  In fact, obstructionists pose as members of this vaunted “free” press.  The press, early on, chose which of the candidates would receive the support of the bulk of its members.  Even with that tacit additional number of stealth campaigners, Hillary Clinton was beaten when three states’ voters who were in usually reliable Democrat voting states made decisions to go for Trump and not for Hillary.  Proudly, my Wisconsin is among those states.

Reportorial undies have been in a bundle since the votes were counted.  We watch press conferences and see the questions thrown at the Press Secretary.  Coincidentally, we see rumors that this Press Secretary has fallen from the favor of President Trump.  I suspect those rumors might have found their genesis from amongst the reporters attending these press conferences.  After all, this guy answered questions first from people who were not seated in the front row.  No one pokes a finger in the eye of “the press” and gets away unscathed, after all.

Just when we might’ve thought we could relax, the Democrat sharks circling in the water show us we can never relax.  The good news is that they are not sufficient in number, so far at least, to have a negative impact on much that happens except possibly for Supreme Court nominations where emotion and political threats can be a very powerful tool of ‘persuasion’ when applied deftly and punishingly by a Sen. Schumer.

Conservatives can never relax.  We must be constantly aware and constantly outspoken.  If one of our own strays from the conservative positions in which we observe and believe, we must call him or her.  We must be alert to opportunities to help make others aware of just what it is we believe is best for the country and why, and to engage in conversation vs. argument.  We must show our caring and concern and the fact that we are humans who can actually smile and be pleasant contrary to what others would have some believe about us ‘ogres’ on the political right.  In addition to being one, I know some conservatives, quite a few actually, and they are almost always very pleasant, and I know they hold their country only second to how they view God and their families.

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