Travel Ban-On Again, Off Again

President Trump has slammed headlong into what appears to be a liberal Federal court if you can imagine such a thing existing.  The political persuasion of Judges should not affect rulings on matters of law, BUT there seems little if any separation between politics and legal questions.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit rendered a quick decision on the President’s plans to delay immigration temporarily for travelers from seven majority-Muslim nations.  The jurists seemed to be enjoying their opportunity to provide a ‘beat-down’ to President Trump.  And, the Washington state officials that participated were ebullient in their praise of selves for this masterful defense of whatever they felt they were defending.

It appears, that dislike for and/or disapproval of President Trump, the man, is getting in the way of some government employees and elected officials who are charged to deliver opinions/verdicts with only the law driving those expressions of opinion.  There seem quite a few died-in-the-wool liberals that are having significant difficulty leaving their personal politics at home and instead are consciously bringing those opinions to work with them.

A liberal city bus driver is one thing, but a Federal court judge on whom we are bound, by law, to depend for his or her legal opinions is quite another.  I didn’t just fall off the ‘turnip truck’.  I understand that personal politics can be the driver of any number of things about which personal politics ought to have nothing to do.  I know that many of us overstep those boundaries once in awhile, but I do not believe that is defensible for judges, and especially for federal judges.  We were told what to expect from this court and we got precisely that.  We got a liberal’s twisted view of something that, on its surface, seemed innocuous enough.

The idea that we citizens cannot rely on our government to defend us in our homeland is ludicrous.  I do understand that the looks of a person should not be sufficient grounds to deny entry to the U.S. unless they are loaded down with automatic weapons and bandoliers or otherwise detained to give time for assurances necessary to permit entry believing that to be safe.

It seems, however, that we have lost some of the very things our forefathers were striving to give us in this democracy they fought and died for.  Too many of our courts and too many of our judges have made their own decisions, their personal belief decisions, about right and wrong.  If the President is charged with providing us protection, how is it that a liberal judge can decide that charge is ridiculous and permit entry to any and all who present themselves?

Of course, this is all occurring during a period when we are in need of a U.S. Supreme Court Justice, and soon after we elected a conservative-leaning President.  Of course, this is driving liberals bonkers and of course, they will do anything, resort to almost any device, to get their way because they know they are ‘the way, and the truth and the light’ though there is only one with the right to that phrase.

Unfortunately for the liberals, this is not the way our system of governance operates.  They know that, but they live in hope that we conservatives will simply shrink into the woodwork and disappear.  They continue to think Hillary Clinton was cheated out of her rightful occupancy of the Oval office.  They seem to think us conservatives are knuckle-dragging neanderthals without the ability to reason our way out of a wet paper bag.

We have a bit of a slog ahead of us it seems.

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