Repeal & Replace?

The promises made by Republicans to rid us of the scourge of ObamaCare, a/k/a  The Affordable Care Act, with the repealing of that program and then replacing it with a new and improved version may blow up in the face of Republicans.  Especially if the Democrats have anything to do with it…and they will.  And why not?  They created this mess.

False expectations have, unfortunately, been created by people who have little or no idea of the complexity of the undertaking.  I suspect these false expectations were simply created because those pontificating had no real understanding of the issues involved, and therefore no understanding of the process of unraveling ObamaCare and re-creating it in an image more desirable to Republicans.

Couple this with the obstructionist tactics of the Democrats and you have a ‘marriage made in hades’ loaded with far more downside than upside.  Most Americans either never knew, or have forgotten completely, the complex charade that the Democrats used to create this program.  I dislike spouting doom and gloom, but this is no task for the squeamish politico who is thinking about his or her next election.  I see more potential for adverse results than I see for some miraculous new program loved by all.  I see more pain than gain.

We conservatives were played ‘big time’ by the liberal Dems.  Pure and simple.  The middle of the night vote, 100% by the Dems, is emblematic of the debacle that is ObamaCare, and also of the complexity of repealing and replacing ObamaCare with a great new approach to delivering health care to the masses.

That having been said, the Republicans have created the reality of today.  They promised they would repeal ObamaCare and replacement it with something ‘better’, and they now have to deliver.  I do not believe the Democrats were so cunning as to have contrived to place Republicans in this very spot, but that is what has occurred.  Maybe I err with my assessment of Democrats’ intelligence or at least of their cunning.  Maybe this was part of their plan.

Do the Republicans have any choice at this point?  Not really unless they wish to hand the Democrats the opportunity to become the dominant political party in our country for decades to come.  Republicans MUST live up to their pledge and the mantra of Repeal and Replace is what has been hung around their necks…by themselves no less.

Insurers were only too happy to jump on the Democrat’s bandwagon.  It meant tons of new members and tons of new money.  We now have health care insurers which didn’t exist pre-ObamaCare or which were small entities not before heard of on the national stage.  We have some major health insurers that took a real bath when the government failed to reimburse them sufficiently for the adverse claims experience that was certain to follow given all the pent-up demand.  The marketplace disruption will be felt for years to come.

Unfortunately, the human condition is predisposed to being sufficiently greedy as to fall for the lilting promise of big money to follow or nearly free health care benefits.  Large corporations fall for the potentially huge payoff just over the hill.  People who hadn’t been the beneficiaries of regular professional health care were elated as was to be expected.  Health care providers were mixed in their response given the tremendous new demand for their services.  The government made promises, yet to be kept in many instances, for keeping providers whole.  The delivery system was stretched and stressed.  Health care delivery became a commodity rather than an art.  We are and will continue to be, paying the price for the ObamaCare roll-out; and for the Democrats’ sneak attack in the middle of the night.  Many of the promises made were not possible to be kept…and frankly those who drafted this law should’ve been able to see that if they had just chosen to see it…and now we all are paying a price…in many cases we are paying a price but we’re unable to see that we are paying a price.

Repeal and replace?  That is not going to be an easy lift.  And yet, we all know or should know, that those who foisted this disaster upon us, continue along their merry way apparently oblivious of what they have wrought.  So long as they get voted back into office every two, four or six years, all is well in their world.  Term limits, if they were to be selectively employed, would be a very intriguing approach to solving many of our problems.

So, the Republicans have this millstone hung around their necks.  They pledged to make this right.  If only it were so simple as Repeal and Replace.  The adage that goes, if you break it you buy it, really ought to have a corollary in politics.  The Democrats broke it all by themseIves, but I fear the Republicans will end up paying that price.

Apparently, all is fair in love and war and politics.  If only the Republicans could remember that.

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