Muddled & Befuddled…

The political left in our country has been unable to ascertain how it happened and why Donald J. Trump is now the President of the United States of America.  They continue to think that Hillary Clinton won this race because her raw vote count exceeded that of President Trump, thus conveniently forgetting the Electoral College being the final determinant according to the rules at play for lo these many years.  They also look forward to the return of now-former-President Barack Obama who will hold court, small ‘c’, in the District of Columbia that he might critique the current President while he, too, laments that a third term is not permitted.

A New York Times opinion piece today begins:  If any number of things had gone the other way – James Comey, Russian interference, a less distrusted nominee – the Democrats might now be starting their third straight term in office.  And, of course, Hillary Clinton did win the popular vote, by no small margin.

Today’s blog title cites the terms muddled, meaning “in a state of bewildered or bewildering confusion or disorder” and befuddled, meaning “make someone unable to think clearly, bewildered, disoriented, fazed or dazed”.

These terms, in my opinion, clearly describe where the Democrats seem to be today, and there is no indication they may get beyond being muddled and befuddled in the near future.  They exist in a state of denial and seem to really believe there is some near-term solution that only needs to be identified in order for all this to just go away.  And, too many in what passes as the “mainstream media” appear to be quite willing to feed this misguided wake since they also apparently suffer from these maladies.

President Trump has his hands full not only with governance but also with the negativism that is fed by the press and the Democrats in Congress.  It is apparently not enough that he has moved wisely and expeditiously on matters of import to our country.  He has made a series of very solid appointments.  Our Vice President is a very solid person who has the poise, the experience, and the demeanor to be among the greatest VPs ever seen.  He is threatening since he also is very ‘presidential’.  The cabinet has been assembled quickly and represents some of the best minds on the conservative or liberal side of politics.

We have begun to see results from our vote other than through the eyes of jaded reporters and disingenuous pols who are suddenly out-of-favor.  President Trump shows signs of being very well-suited to the Oval office, and quite frankly does not need the former President kibitzing to the liberal media trying to undermine the real President of the United States from a convenient ‘catbirds’ seat just a few miles away from the White House.

The Democrats in Congress have not disappointed us; they are still the edgiest minority party to be found in our history bent on making President Trump look as bad as is humanly possible, using any and all tactics with no regard for the country they supposedly admire and serve.  Every appointment will be agonizing, and the opposition promises to behave very badly throughout.  The idea that people can tell bald-faced lies that most everyone knows, or certainly suspects, are lies and get away with it through support from a benevolent media ought to make us ill.  Instead, the media loves it and permits it to go on ad infinitum, or so it seems today; and this media does not pay a price for its actions.

We have always, for many years at least, known that the media for the very most part is in bed with the liberals.  That fact is demonstrated almost every day.  A simple tally of the media’s numbers will tell that story.  We knew that President Trump had an uphill fight on his hands to secure his rightful legitimacy in the Oval office.  We knew that every dirty trick which could be dreamed up would likely be unveiled in the effort to besmirch Trump’s ability and character.  I didn’t expect, though, to see President Trump’s young son assailed as he has been, but I guess I should not be surprised.  Unfortunately, I doubt that we have seen anything yet.  It may be that nearly the entire first term of President Trump will be besieged by such tactics from many quarters including the press that maintains it has no dog in this fight.

From a blogger’s perspective, there should not be a shortage of topics available, but from this bloggers’ perspective that does not make up for the treatment to date and that is virtually certain to be seen for a long time to come.

Muddled and befuddled are probably not sufficiently edgy terms for this ill-founded kind of attack politics.

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