Taxpayer Money Pits…

Among my favorite politicians is Rep. Paul Ryan (R) from Janesville, WI.  I have met him personally three times as memory serves and he has been as impressive, or more so, each time  This relatively young man knows his business, and that is governance…fortunately for those of us impacted which is, given his position of importance, every man, woman, and child in America.

A list of Republican proposed budget cuts has been circulating, and this seems to bear  Paul Ryan’s fingerprints.  Following is that list, which does not, as you will see, involve either Social Security or the Military:

  • Corporation for Public Broadcasting Subsidy:  $445 Million annual savings
  • Save America’s Treasures Program:  $25 Million annual savings
  • International Fund for Ireland:  $17 Million annual savings
  • Legal Services Corporation:  $420 Million annual savings
  • National Endowment for the Arts:  $167.5 Million annual savings
  • National Endowment for the Humanities:  $167.5 Million annual savings
  • Hope VI Program:  $250 Million savings
  • Amtrak Subsidies:  $1.565 Billion annual savings
  • Elimination of Duplicated Education Programs:  $1.3 Billion annual savings
  • U.S. Trade Development Agency:  $55 Million annual savings
  • Woodrow Wilson Center Subsidy:  $20 Million annual savings
  • Cut Funding for Congressional Printing & Binding in half:  $47 Million annual savings
  • John C. Stennis Center Subsidy:  $430,000 annual savings
  • Community Development Fund:  $4.5 Billion annual savings
  • Heritage Area Grants & Statutory Aid:  $24 Million annual savings
  • Cut Federal Travel Budget by 50%:  $7.5 Billion annual savings
  • Reduce Federal Vehicle Budget by 20%:  $600 Million annual savings
  • Essential Air Service:  $150 Million annual savings
  • Technology Improvement Program:  $70 Million annual savings
  • Manufacturing Extension Partnership Program (MEP):  $125 Million annual savings
  • Department of Energy State Grants for Weatherization:  $530 Million annual savings
  • Beach Replenishment:  $95 Million annual savings
  • New Starts Transit Program:  $2 Billion annual savings
  • Exchange Programs for Alaskan and Hawaiian natives and their historical trading partners in Massachusetts:  $9 Million annual savings
  • Intercity and High-Speed Rail grants; $2.5 Billion annual savings
  • Title X Family Planning:  $318 Million annual savings
  • Appalachian Regional Commission:  $76 Million annual savings
  • Economic Development Administration:  $293 Million annual savings
  • Programs under the National and Community Services Act:  $1.15 Billion annual savings
  • Applied Research – Dept. of Energy:  $1.2 Billion annual savings
  • Freedom CAR & Fuel Partnership:  $200 Million annual savings
  • Energy Star Program:  $52 Million annual savings
  • Economic Assistance to Egypt:  $250 Million annual savings
  • USAID:  $1.39 Billion annual savings
  • General Assistance to District of Columbia:  $210 Million annual savings
  • Subsidy for Washington Metro Area Transit Authority:  $150 Million annual savings
  • Presidential Campaign Fund:  $775 Million savings over ten years
  • Federal Office Acquisition Funding:  $864 Million annual savings
  • Repeal Davis-Bacon Act:  Over $1 Billion savings annually
  • Require Collection of Federal Employees UNPAID taxes;  $1 Billion savings (they don’t all pay their taxes)
  • Prohibit taxpayer funded Union activities by Federal employees:  $1.2 Billion savings over ten years
  • Sell unused Federal Excess Properties: $15 Billion total savings
  • Eliminate Mohair subsidies:  $1 Million annual savings
  • Eliminate U.S. taxpayer subsidies to UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change:  $12.5 million annual savings
  • Eliminate Market Access Program:  $200 Million annual savings
  • End USDA Sugar Program:  $14 Million annual savings
  • Eliminate OEDC (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development subsidies:  $93 Million annual savings
  • Eliminate National Organic Certification Cost-Share Program;  $56.2 Million annual savings
  • Eliminate fund for ObamaCare administrative costs:  $900 Million savings
  • Eliminate ready-to-Learn TV Program:  $27 Million savings

All together, this represents some $2.5 trillion over ten years (that looks like: $2,500,000,000,000).  That would feel real good back in our economy.


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