Sanctuary This & Sanctuary That…

The definition of the word ‘sanctuary’ is generally thought to be along these lines:  “a place of refuge or safety”.  That is all well and good when used in a lawful manner.  It is not all well and good when it is used in an unlawful manner.  We typically use this word in defining a place of worship.  That is acceptable; our country is a country of freedom of religious beliefs.

No city or county or state can simply declare itself to be a ‘sanctuary’ for those who are not legally permitted to be in that place.  Of course, there are a number of so-called ‘sanctuary cities’ to be found in our country today and they harbor any number of people who are not legally permitted to be in our country.  I know of none of these sanctuary places that are conservative politically with the possible exception of countries that have accepted fleeing citizens of other less-than-hospitable countries or territories.  With this exception, this misuse of the word appears to be the sole terra firma of liberal groups that know better than the lawmakers who make the rules.

Given that background, the rash of liberal efforts to declare this or that a ‘sanctuary’ is simply an invitation to those not legally present to rush to this place that declares you will be protected from your illegal presence in this place.  It helps those who need it, to feel better about themselves, to feel as though they are fighting off the plethora of these “unfair” rules established for our country.  Make it to San Francisco, and you have found the figurative “promised land”.  Sure, you’re illegal but we don’t care.  We want to stick a finger in the eye of this corrupt government that thinks only legal immigrants belong inside our borders.  We’ll literally break the laws of the state and/or country in order to accommodate you just because that is what we believe we should do.  Damn the laws.  Our beliefs trump (no pun intended) the law or so they seem to think.

These sanctuaries seem to have proliferated during the preceding eight years under the Obama Administration.  They appear to have some problems in the new world where President Donald Trump sits in the Oval office and with the fact that he seems to believe that laws are duly created by government and not simply given credence ad hoc by illegal implementation and perpetuation over a period of time.

There is an element in our population that appears to believe mere presence constitutes the equivalent of legal acceptance.  If you can get here, we’ll make you comfortable and protect you seems the mantra.  No matter that this is not legal.  When we liberals take over all the government institutions, we’ll make sure to pass a law recognizing your legal presence.  In the meantime, we’ll give you a hiding place, so don’t sweat it.

Elections have consequences.  The past eight years have facilitated things such as the ‘sanctuary city’ movement given that there has been no attempt to preclude such things.  This most recent election will have its consequences, as well.  The “great fence debate” is emblematic of such a consequence.  The majority of those voting declared they thought that or some iteration of that was right since a major element of Donald Trump’s campaign was the “wall” between us and Mexico.  Whether that ends up being a combination of literal and figurative is not important.  Such a combination properly emplaced can be an effective deterrent to illegal immigrants streaming across the Southern border; and, we need to remind our government that there is also a Northern border that is as porous as a sieve.   Unlike Australia, we are not surrounded by water on all sides.  Unlike Australia, we do not insist that there be a need for the skills being displayed by the person desiring entrance into our country.

We are facing quite the turn of fortune with the inauguration of President Donald Trump.  All elections have consequences as stated above, and this one is no exception.  Given the downhill run the liberals have enjoyed in the past eight years, we can fully expect some bumps in the road for the new conservative show in the United States.  Liberals in Congress will obstruct to the max whether that obstruction is good or not for our country.  That is what they do, and they’re very good at obstructing.

Does the “wall” literally need to be a wall?  Of course not, but it does have to be a barrier to willy-nilly strolls across our border!  We need that on both the south and the north boundaries of the country.  We also need to do away with the “sanctuary city” movement since that is simply an invitation to anyone and everyone whether or not they are of good character, etc.

We live in a world where there are any number of entities that would love nothing more than to witness the total destruction of America as it currently exists.  If we do not understand that to be a reality, we are doomed to failure at some point in the future, whether the near future or the distant future.  After these past eight years, we would’ve been hard-pressed to find a better successor than President Donald Trump to go along with the Republican domination of both House and Senate.  We need to remember the maneuvers used by Democrats when they are in control, and we need to employ the same types of maneuvers.  We know we’ll be called names, but we will have to remember the old rhyme about ‘sticks and stones’.


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