Slow-Walking Politicians…

With the first Supreme Court nominee, we see the pattern that we’ll see for at least four years, and, ideally eight years, on the part of the Democrats.  They will become, again, the epitome of the ‘slow walker’ using delaying tactics to frustrate the Trump Administration.  There is no other explanation for the action.  It is not necessarily good for the country, but the Democrats are apparently not-at-all concerned with that possibility.  In fact, the worse they can make President Trump look, the happier they’ll be.

This is, of course, a two-way street.  Republicans are not bad at the ‘slow-walk’ thing either.  This action, by either party, demonstrates that the ‘party’ takes precedence over us citizens.  That is something we need to remember no matter our political persuasion.  It simply is not the way things ought to be done.

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to travel to Washington, D.C. and to walk the halls of Congress, you begin to comprehend how this world works as contrasted with the world “back home”.  This is a brutal fight-to-the-political-death cage match that goes on day after day, month after month and year after year.  The only thing that changes are the faces…and those don’t change very often.

Part of the promise, the excitement, of our new President Trump is simply that he is not a politician.  This was his first foray into politics and he started at the top of the heap.  He is accustomed to being able to get things done quickly.  At least, he was accustomed to being able to get things done quickly.  His signing of Executive Orders is about the only thing he can make happen when he wants it to happen.  The rest of his agenda will require a trip through Congress, and that is anything but predictable.

The arcane rules of this political world were never designed to smooth the flow of liberty.  If anything, the rules have been evolving over time to become ever more complicated and time-consuming from start to finish…if there is a finish.  This seems counter-productive, but there may well be some sanity to the process.  If something is made difficult to take from thought to law, we probably get better results even though we do not always think that is the case.  Slow and deliberative processes are usually better in terms of the results that come from that process.

Then, you might ask, how was it that ObamaCare was passed?   ObamaCare was pushed through without due process by the party in power.  We got what we deserved by this action…and we need to remember who made that the law.  The problem is that Obamacare is the law and it will be very difficult for Republicans to live up to their pledge to end it…at least very soon…and maybe never.  Things have been changing as the result of this law, and some of those things probably will not respond well to any effort to eliminate the law.  They are embedded in our culture now.  People are depending upon that law.  There might be more damage as the result of trying to kill that law rather than to modify it in hopes of making the worst parts better.  But some politicians have promised to end it, so the dance continues likely until we all have forgotten the promises made to us.

Back to slow-walking.  This is an obvious game employed by many politicians.  It is employed no matter its impact on us voters, on us taxpayers.  Those whom we have elected too often become consumed with the game of politics to our detriment.  One would think that the voters would remember these occurrences and make changes at the next election.  That just doesn’t seem to happen; at least it doesn’t happen often enough.

And that, sadly, is a primary reason for the state of affairs in our national politics today.

I am anxious to see just how President Trump takes the slow-walking of Congress.   I suspect this will become a target of his whether he can do anything about it or not.  I suspect that some politicians will be taken to task for their actions…or lack of actions…on a fairly regular basis.  The politicians are all anxious to find out just how tough President Trump will be now that he sits in the Oval office.  Trump will potentially have a better shot at ending this or significantly curtailing it given his verbal abilities and his lack of concern about feelings he might hurt or political allies and relationships he might harm.  This is the top of the political mountain.  Other than for re-election, there are no mountains left to climb in this world.

I hope he targets some of this activity…or lack of activity and makes a few people pay a price for these shenanigans.  Slow-walking is designed simply to make others look bad.  I doubt that President Trump is going to be too happy if he is deprived of things he promised voters he’d accomplish for them.

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