President Trump vs. The PRESS & The DEMOCRATS (What a team!)

The inauguration hoopla has quieted somewhat and the press is back to doing what it seems to think it does best, and that is taking on President Trump in virtually anything and everything he proposes.  Senate confirmation hearings may elicit use of the ‘nuclear’ option by Republicans to get the Trump nominees through the confirmation process since only a simple majority of 51 senators is required to make that happen when that so-called option is made the rule.

The Republicans usually play nice with an opposition President’s nominees but that seems not to be the case when the Democrats have the ability to delay approvals of Cabinet members for Republican appointments.  Of course, the non-partisan press will manage to somehow find it has a dog in that fight, and begin to talk about the use of the ‘nuclear’ option.  Predictions are quite easy in these situations.  The Republicans seem always to cave to the Democrat Presidents while the Democrats talk as though they will reciprocate but find reasons to not honor their word given the disgusting nature of the typical Republican nominee.

The so-called nuclear option would override the 60 vote majority required and replace that with a simply majority being needed to approve nominations in the Senate which Republicans have given their Senate majority..  At this time in the last Democratic President’s term, there were 7 nominations already approved.  Today, there are still only 2 nominations approved in spite of Democratic assurances/promises to the contrary.

(On top of everything else going on, the Green Bay Packers failed to live up to our hopes and got themselves smashed by the Atlanta Falcons, so you can understand my anxiety a bit easier.)

President Trump will have rough sledding ahead.  He is reviled by the opposition and the press is not at all fond of the man either.  That backdrop makes it all the easier for the Democrats to play hardball politics, even going back on their word if necessary.  That coupled with the typical ‘nansy-pansy’ approach by Republicans, too many of whom are frightened by their own shadows (or so it seems), suggests some rough sledding for the remaining appointees even though they ought to get through the histrionics pretty much unscathed.  The Dems will salt the political landscape so they can call in their markers with the press corps whenever that proves the best tactic.

Against this backdrop, we have a person who is pretty much accustomed to being able to work out deals whenever necessary in his business world experience.  This world of politics is particularly nasty when the opposition decides to make it that way, and that will potentially lead to some President Trump reactions that may do little but feed the frenzy given the press waiting for these situations for their use in raising the “we told you this would happen” mantra.

He might well surprise me in that regard, and I hope that will be the case.  If he can overcome that need to fight back and modify his reaction a bit, I believe that would serve him well.  I recall a phrase used by a past president that went like this:  “There they go again.”  That phrase worked well for that well-loved Republican president, and it could work wonders for President Trump.

We can obviously expect some bumps in the road as these next four years unfold.  World affairs will certainly play a role in this since, if we are being assailed by foreign elements, there is a certain expanded respect/love for the President who brings us through the weeds, and there is some diminution of the opposition’s willingness to appear petty in their daily skirmishes with the White House.

The demonstrations by the ‘loony left’ groups will die out soon and we can get on with the nation’s business.  World affairs tend to have a modifying impact on the less-serious but more-boisterous elements in our political world.  These events take the press focus back to serious stuff from the feeding of petty and frivolous demonstrations.

There are indeed adults among the Democrats who decry the way their party counter-parts act on occasion.  Too few at times, but there are some who know the meaning of being ready to raise country over party when they believe that line is about to be or has been crossed.  The dance is simply part of the political landscape and it is played far-more aggressively by Democrats than Republicans…probably because the press is always ready to side with the Democrats and the Republicans are left out there all alone while the press does its ‘job’ to ridicule them.

We have known for years that our playing field is always an uphill field while the Dems know theirs is an easy downhill run.

“There they go again!”

A Retirement & An Inauguration

Our Constitution provides for the orderly transfer of power and we witnessed that process yesterday.  Barack Obama is now our former President, and Donald J. Trump is now our President.  It is still remarkable, as we view the world, that our democracy continues to work as it was conceived.  Sure, there were some protesters, but by-in-large the process went as it was expected to go.  That is a tribute again to our founding fathers’ wisdom.

As we reflect on the Obama Administration, most of us will see it as a significant period in our nation’s history.  Some will see it as a good period and some will see it differently.  I am a member of that latter group.  I see the past eight years of the Obama Administration as a set back on nearly every measurable basis.  Our immediate former President alienated world leaders, notably the Prime Minister of Israel, Mr. Netenyahu.  That was embarrassing for me and I suspect for many others in this country.  He seemed to be in the office as his destiny had always been, and not because he had been elected to serve our country.  President Obama is among the poorest examples of a President in my memory which goes back to President Harry Truman…I know,that is a long time ago!

President Donald J. Trump is felt by some to be a poor choice for this office; those people have their reasons, few or none of which I share.  President Trump delivered what I thought was an excellent opening speech yesterday following his inauguration.  He was quite Presidential.  His speech was short and to the point.  There could be no misunderstanding of his position.  The world’s leaders now know what they can expect from this President.  Some were probably saddened while others may have been a bit concerned and/or disappointed depending upon what they hoped to hear or felt they had heard.  That is to be expected.  Their goals will not always align with our country’s wants or needs.

For all the fear-mongering by the opposition, this is a very ‘Presidential’ person in demeanor and appearance.  I doubt there will be questions on the minds of other leaders in this world as to what they ought to expect from our new President.  If there are doubts, I expect those will be clarified for whomever is confused.  He made it quite clear that America comes first in his mind. Period!  I suspect such a clearly delineated position right out of the gate might’ve been a bit disconcerting for some, but I found it very refreshing after the past eight years.

Will there be stumbles?  I fully expect, that since he is human, there will be some stumbles, but he has assembled a very talented and experienced inner circle of advisors, and that will be helpful to him going forward.  His detractors preach about his lack of experience, but they miss the mark given this person’s work history and his accomplishments.  He has experience that few modern Presidents have been able to bring with them to the Oval office.  He has already given us all a preview with the meetings he has held with business leaders and world leaders.  President Trump is no slouch when it comes to making a deal.  He may have some getting used to involved with Congress, but I expect that will be a decidedly two-way street.  Again, the staff he has already aligned himself with will help in that area immeasurably.

Pity the fool who underestimates this man.  I suspect they will not do that more than once and others will learn very quickly by those examples.  He is accustomed to negotiating and to making decisions.  He is accustomed to talking with leaders of business and industry; he knows their language and their positions on a wide range of topics.  He is knowledgeable about a wide range of issues.  He is not afraid to outline another’s position as he defines his own position.  This man is comfortable in his own skin.

He will encounter opposition in Congress, and maybe some of that from within his own party.  Time will tell.  Those who oppose would be wise to have sound reasons which they can enunciate to support those reasons.  I suspect that President Trump will be willing to give everyone a chance and will forgive all but the most ludicrous statements.  That will likely happen once and then not again for the person or people involved.  This is also a man who is not afraid to say he doesn’t understand something and to seek out advice from those better equipped.  He learns very quickly.  We saw that in the debates and on the campaign trail.

So, it is on with America First!


Co-Presidency: Day #1

This is the day that our new President is sworn in with great pomp and circumstance.

However, this might well also be the day when we move into the ‘Co-Presidency’ when the outgoing President decides he is better-suited than the incoming President and therefore believes he is doing what the country needs by becoming the first Co-President.

While this seems a bit ludicrous on the surface, we have to understand that the soon-to-be former President and his family will continue to be residents of our capitol city, simply no longer living in the White House.  We have to remember that much of the vaunted free press still seems convinced that the incoming President is not fit for the office, apparently based on the simple fact that the press is always correct in whatever its supposition.

We are about to see the capitol city playing host to two Presidents; one current and one former.  We know what the press seems to think about the current as well as about the former person occupying the office.  This sets up a dynamic in which the members of the press will likely be unable to control their base urges; they prove that over and over.  They will simply be forced to continue to confer with the past President while they criticize the current President.  That having been said, the soon-to-be former President doesn’t show signs of fading into the background as have most past holders of that position.

The press and its urges, when coupled with a departing President who doesn’t seem to think of himself as a former President set the country up for a dual-presidency even though the constitution does not permit that to occur.

We see that the 66 Democrats who refuse to attend the ceremonies today simply observing the swearing-in ceremony for the new President will be only too happy to support the press in the inquisition of President Trump.  This snit-fit shows that we are not dealing with adults in complete control of their emotions.  This is a terrible example being set for the young people in our wonderful country.

Republicans have been able to show deference to the winning political party even though the members are usually diametrically opposed to the Democrat’s positions on political matters.  There is no quid pro quo from the opposition.

I hope that this will not be the case.  I hope that the adults in both political parties will control the children.  I hope that the press will be able to avoid the temptation of pitting former against current especially given the close physical proximity of the two.  I hope the former President will be sufficiently professional and deferential and therefore will refuse to be used in this kind of situation.

Time will tell, but the press will have to find some way to control its base urges if this is not to be the day that our nation came under a co-presidency.

Change in Job Title

The Obamas are obviously staying in Washington, D.C.  They are going to be active participators in the governance of this country, even though the last eight years would suggest we can do, and have done, far better with the new President.  By the way, might it be a good idea to subject all Presidents to a thorough financial audit to determine what they had when they took the oath of office and what they have at the end of the tour?

The Obamas made their decision on where to reside after leaving the White House for several reasons:

(1) their daughters can continue to go to school in fancy surroundings still receiving the ‘oohs and ahs’ they, too, have probably come to enjoy.

(2) the Obamas can avoid having to live in Chicago-land that has become a hell-hole/killing field under Democratic control.

(3) the current President/Commander-in-Chief can trade in that title for the new title:  Obstructor-in-Chief.

Item #3 is the key to this decision as to residency.  Barack Obama will still be sitting in the prime spot, from his perspective, to try to obstruct our new Commander-in-Chief while he continues to try to alter history so that he can be remembered as a ‘great’ leader.  The lefties from the press corps, numbering far more than conservatives from that same group, will still be able to fawn over Obama and know they can seek him out for snide (posing as erudite) comments at least weekly whether on or off the record.

Any of us who might have thought we’d finally be rid of this episode of our history are simply wrong.   Barack Obama is intent on being the ‘gift’ that keeps on giving, and the mainstream media will certainly be happy to do its part to assure that occurs.

Reflecting on past occupants of the highest office in our land, we find that most all have been happy to have held the position and are also happy to be relieved of the pressures that come with that seat in the Oval office.  They have accepted the thanks of their country and have gone home to rest and reflect, and maybe write a book or two.

We can easily observe the activism that continues to flow in the final days of the Obama presidency by simply looking at the pardons he has liberally passed out to some bad actors who are certainly not deserving of his beneficence given what they have been convicted of in their own rights.

If the liberal press has its way, and that is the majority of the press, we’ll have two active Presidents.  But, that does not take into account the new sheriff in town, soon-to-be President Donald Trump.  I doubt that President Trump will take kindly to the kibitzer-in-chief sitting in the shadows rendering droll commentary on what was wrong with this decision and what should’ve been done in that situation.

We may find that we are exposed to something that authors will look back upon as quite the era in our political history.  The Obama presidency is not likely to look anything like we expect the Trump presidency will be.  There will certainly be contrasts in the governing style if nothing else.  Obama was aloof and somewhat condescending in his dispensing of Presidential wisdom.  Trump will likely be quite different in terms of his style of governance. The press will likely have more ‘fun’ with Trump since the press does not look upon him as the next savior of the U.S. as they did in Obama’s case.

The press would probably be well-advised to approach this new ‘target’ with care else it finds itself sitting in the very back row of a large theater in terms of its access to President Trump.  Where President Obama was trying to look professorial and smarter than anyone else in the room, President Trump is very comfortable in his own skin and is quite likely to call it as he sees it.  He is also likely, in my opinion, to chastise members of that elite group, the press, if and when he takes exception to their reporting and editorializing.  He might even dictate that some members be denied access to press conferences.

We can expect more Tweets, and we can expect those Tweets will be more frequent than were the actual releases from the Obama Whitehouse.  We can expect that those releases will be more directed thus not requiring a great deal of interpretation.  I expect President Trump will call them as he sees them…and I doubt the world will be the worse off for that having occurred.

This guy, our new President, has been there and done that in his personal life.  President Obama came to this job with virtually no accomplishments beyond schooling in his personal life.  Those who fear a ‘President’ Trump should’ve been smart enough to recognize the person who should’ve been feared is the outgoing President…and he proved it, time and again.

We, as a country, have many relationships requiring a reset as the result of the inexperienced Wonder-Kid who took our country by storm almost as if he were a rock star.  His downright nasty treatment of a sitting world leader, Mr. Netenyahu, was and remains inexcusable.  That showed the real size and standing of the man who has been our President for eight years.  He failed the test.  He is not likely due to have gotten any better at this as a kibitzer, either.

Planning Ahead…

President-Elect Trump had a brainstorm in the last day or two as he was being interviewed by a reporter.  During that interview, he uttered the phrase “Keep America Great” and, realizing that he might’ve hit on another winner, had one of his staff lawyers begin the process of registering it then and there.

Some would see that is hyperbole piled on top of too much forward-looking too soon, but that likely defines this man at his core.  He is a positive thinker.  He has always had plans for this and plans for that, so why not transfer that process to his new world, the world of personally-involved politics.  Really personally-involved politics since he is about to be sworn in as the next President of the United States of America.

We have become accustomed to presidential politics of an entirely different nature.  With Ronald Reagan, we had a gregarious, personable and wise man in the Oval office.  With Barack Obama, we had a hard-core liberal bent, socialistic even, on remaking not only the presidency but the entire country in his vision of what that ought to have been.

We saw just how a country can be remade with this new belief system lodged inside the White House and especially with a willing, eager and reasonably compliant majority in Congress.  The past eight years have changed the dynamics of the presidency.  It is now up to Donald Trump to help those of us who elected him change that image of the presidency back to something better as we see that something better.

This is another remarkable, if not also frightening, aspect of the United States of America.  Our country is a living and breathing entity; it can be changed for the worse as we’ve just witnessed in the past eight years, and it can be changed for the better as we believe we’ll witness during the next four, or maybe eight, years beginning officially on January 20, 2017.

There is a palpable feeling in this country today.  It is the feeling of restored hope, of witnessing the rebirth of a great country after a period of darkness imposed upon the country by the very leaders the country, whom, at least a majority that election day, thought capable of great things.  Barack Obama had come from nowhere, in the political sense, and had skipped all the steps from a back-bencher in the Illinois legislature all the way to the Office of the President of the United States of America.

We have survived that presidency and that is a tribute to the founding fathers and their gift of freedom to those of us to follow.  We continue to see the few members of the opposition who continue to insist on ‘acting out’ by skipping the inauguration as some kind of sign of protest.  That extremely liberal segment of the opposition has again commandeered the Democratic Party, embarrassingly so, and will refuse to participate in the ceremonies which are about to occur claiming some magical, mystical sovereign rights from a bygone era which we, the majority, were all willing to observe, learn from, and move on the better for it.

Those were not days of which we can be proud other than by observing the outcome.  These days of ‘protest’, while permissible, are not something that lends further credence to this great country except through demonstrating the strength that we all have as the result of our Constitution and willing obedience to the laws created.  The greatness of the accomplishments of the ‘civil rights movement’ are actually besmirched by the few who continue to demand obsequience through their sit-ins and sit-outs and whatever else can be conjured up to bring back the memories.  This childish approach to registering dissent, while legal, is certainly not adult nor particularly smart on the parts of those whose voice, while once great, has come down to deciding not to participate in the process.

There are too few adults in Washington, D.C., and too many adolescent-thinkers who risk their well-earned reputations in the most recent snit-fit.

Guantanamo Releases…

Guantanamo, or Gitmo as it is also known and which is easier to spell, has been the home of several hundred bad actors from the Middle East.  Among his last official functions, President Obama has been releasing those prisoners and sending them back into the Middle East.  There were 242 prisoners when he took office and there are now 45 left in the Gitmo facility.  More than 80% of the Gitmo prisoners were released by President Obama…so far.

I suspect that many of those are back in the business of being bad actors.  I suspect that ISIS has benefited from their experience.  The last five of these people released were sent to Oman.  One more little gift from President Barack Obama before he leaves the White House.  A gift that apparently he hopes will keep on giving; were that not the case, they’d not have been released.  Why would he do this?

This is an example of things done by this President that simply don’t compute for me.  We took these people off the battlefield for a reason.  He put them back for a reason, whatever that reason may be.  This speaks volumes to who and what Barack Obama is and to what he seems to see as the proper order of the world.  I don’t understand that, and I doubt that very many understand it.  There is no good reason to be found by freedom-loving people in these kinds of actions.  Is this some kind of finger in the eye of those of us who do not appreciate him and what he has done to us?  Is this somehow part of some larger strategy that we’re just too dumb by at least half to understand?

Or, is this simple retribution by him in order to somehow make our lives worse during the new Trump administration?  It is difficult to think ill of a former President of our country.  There has, to my recollection, never been this kind of question about any other sitting President.

Does this somehow tie back to the embarrassing actions taken by Obama against Israel recently in the United Nations?  One has to consider that to be a possibility, disgusting as that might be.

Is this somehow all part of a grand strategy to restore the Middle East to what it once was prior to Israel?  That doesn’t go back very far in terms of world powers.  That is a terrible thing to think and to write, but it seems a very prescient question that must be considered.  There is some reason.  Can it be as simple as a hatred for Netanyahu and Israel?  We all saw the decided cold-shoulder accorded Netanyahu on his visits to the White House.  We saw the UN action that can only be seen as a ‘sucker punch’.  It was a reversal of more than a decade of votes taken almost every year in the UN General Assembly.  The U.S. has, until this year, been the defender and protector of Israel.

The excuse for that action posed by the outgoing Administration simply didn’t/doesn’t  wash.  This was a very deliberate act.  This was a very distinct reversal of U.S. actions over the years, and it was not intended to be for the benefit of Israel.  Quite the opposite.

Can it be that our President actually wants to destabilize the Middle East since these actions seem destined to have that result?  If you and I can see that as a potential outcome, it has to be seriously considered.

If these suppositions are accurate, what a terrible thing for our government to have wrought.  How else do we reconcile the near-emptying of Guantanamo?  The dots are, unfortunately, quite connectable.  And, this Administration has shown some propensities that make this seem a distinct possibility.

The Enlightened Left?

Michael Brown titled a piece of his this morning using the term ‘enlightened’ in this blog’s title.  There is something amiss in our political debate today and that something is an awareness and full acceptance of the reality that is:  Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is soon to be sworn in as President of the United States of America.

The left may or not be ‘enlightened’.  Enlightened is defined as “having or showing a rational, modern, and well-informed outlook.”  The left might be modern and might be well-informed but it certainly has yet to show us that it is ‘rational’.  Rational is defined as “based on or in accordance with reason or logic”.

There are those on the left who are, so far at least, seemingly anything but rational.  They seem unable to wrap their collective arms around the simple fact that Donald Trump will be sworn is as the next President of the United States of America on this coming January 20th.  They seem to think that, if they continue the din of their personal rejection of this fact, the fact will somehow dissipate/disappear prior to the swearing in ceremony.  Their bad dream will end just in the nick of time.

Certainly, Donald Trump has done little to try to ameliorate the issue.  He has continued being the person he was and is and shall be.  The left continues to dwell on the popular vote vs. the Electoral College vote as if their continued dispelling will somehow magically change the outcome.  That will not occur; these poor people need to get on with their lives…or they need, as some claimed they’d do, to simply leave the country.

There is a time for mourning the fact that Hillary Clinton is not the President-Elect.  I choose to celebrate that fact but those who wish can certainly continue to mourn as they see fit.  These same people do need to begin to acclimate themselves to their new reality, however.  There will be an inauguration on January 20th.  Barack Obama will be out of the White House, although still in the District of Columbia to wreak whatever havoc he is able to concoct and sell to the liberals who are likely still going to be in the state of disbelief they exhibit today.

Reality will soon be upon us, thank goodness.  It will bring with it some rough spots as we transition from one governance to another.  The liberals will continue to have their liberal press upon which to lean and look to for rationalization of various facts that will hit them.  They will continue to have their favorite pols who continue in office.  They’ll continue to have Rep. John Lewis (D) to look to for his particularly strident form of verbal dissent, and his disclaiming statements alleging this new government is not legal, at least to his way of thinking.

Our new President will have some acclimation to experience.  He has been at the helm of a big organization, unlike the man he succeeds.  He will have some issues with a decidedly unfriendly press, unlike the man he succeeds who could do no wrong.  He’ll have the ‘nattering nabobs of negativism’ (what a great line) on the left nipping at his ankles.  He’ll have some gaffes with which to deal given his verbal propensity.  He’ll have some quicksand-filled potholes to negotiate courtesy of the Democrat minority.  Nothing will be easy, but it will be dealt with and we’ll see progress being made.

I am, frankly, concerned with two things:

I am concerned with the rabid nature of many of President-elect Trump’s non-fans from both sides of the political aisle.  Yes, there is a nest of Republicans that have it in for President Trump.  And, obviously, there are the strident Democrats for whom a Trump failure, even if it damages their country, is the sole reason for their being from January 20th forward.  There are those on the ‘enlightened left’ for whom a Trump failure is actually going to be seen as having been a wonderful thing to have helped precipitate.  This is representative of a visceral hatred that is not becoming to anyone no matter their particular brand of politics, Democrat or Republican.

Commencing on January 20th, we move into the brave new world.  It would be wonderful to be able to do so with a diminution of the anti-Trump rhetoric, however, that is probably too much for me to hope to see.  I’ll just have to take it as it comes, as will we all.