We Can Already Hear The Footsteps…

We can hear the footsteps off in the distance.  Those footsteps belong to a former President who intentionally sits in waiting for the prime opportunity to jump back into the D.C. fray to reassert himself.  He might’ve thought he’d have to wait a bit longer but it must be very, very tempting for him to get back to Washington in a day or two given the fat, juicy target that President Trump has provided him; the firing of the acting Attorney General, Sally Yates, for her refusal to enforce the President’s Executive Order on immigration and lawful entry into this country.

I suspect many of us knew this would occur given the fact that former President Obama found housing in the District of Columbia and that their two daughters were still attending the school they had for the past several years.  It was unusual for a departing President not to return to the home state from which he had come, or at least move on to a different more comfortable and safer clime than Chicago,  such as Hawaii.  But, crossing the red line of staying in the nation’s Capitol area was sufficient for many to be able to foresee the return of Barack Obama at some point in the not-too-distant future to salvage what he could of his disastrous eight-year reign.  Or at least to meddle with the new President to the lauding of his former worshippers in Congress who, frankly, do seem a bit lost without his direction.

That sure didn’t take long, did it?  The rumblings are already being heard in a tacit admission of this grand plan by Obama and the rumors center on the actual President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, exercising his executive right to fire Yates for refusing to support his Executive Order.  The charade is so transparent as to be ridiculous, but it is there nonetheless.

The idea that the person who caused the Democrats the very problems they now experience would be standing at the ready to return to the stage in full voice riding to the rescue is resplendent.  This is nearly as feeble as having Hillary Clinton come back to town to whine and harangue about President Trump and the rudeness, no matter that it was perfectly within the powers of his office, of his action.

This wasn’t the time for the former President to exert himself but I think we all know that time lies ahead of us somewhere in the not-to-distant future. It is as close to a sure bet as one is likely to see other than for betting the sun will rise tomorrow.  We know the former President will be unable to control himself when that glorious microphone is before him and the TV camera light is burning.

So, where does this leave us?  It leaves us where we were the day before.  President Donald J. Trump is still sitting in the Oval office.  He has shown he’ll truck no foolishness.  The Democrats are in the decided minority in Congress.  The former president will soon be back in D.C. and he’ll simply bide his time until an appropriate situation presents itself, which will certainly happen given the quest Obama is on.

It is probably likely that we’ll have occasional such occurrences given the press’ decidedly liberal bent, and given the handy physical location of the former President and given President Trump’s propensity to carry a big stick.  It is probable given the self-proclaimed profundity of the combined wisdom of the liberals.

The only problem is that we have a sitting President who is not likely to step in the proverbial cow pie as often as the liberal press would hope.  But, we have an immediate past President who will continue to be in quest of creating a legacy since that didn’t occur during his eight years in office; and we have liberals in Congress who have significantly insufficient clout to do much else other than pout.

On top of all this, we have the liberals all over this country still in shock at this outcome.  They, if they sit in seats of power, will let their feelings be known as did a UW-La Crosse, WI campus leader over the past weekend by e-mail.  Liberals are notoriously poor losers, but they did lose and that is not going to go away in a month or two.  The more they decide they’ll act up, the longer their time in the desert-of-politics will last.  There are those people described as political independents and they will grow very, very tired of what appears to be the plan for constant whining and attempts at disrupting our nation’s government.

There are limits to everything, including the willingness of the people to accept this kind of whining and assortment of delaying tactics by the losing side.  The sooner they can get on with their lives as the minority, the better it will be for them.  And, certainly, the better it will be for the entire country.  If former President Obama decides he will try to be the voice of opposition, I fear he’ll do significant damage to how he will be remembered beyond being the first black President.  His record is not that great!

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