Walls, Sanctuary Cities, Mexico Issues…

President Donald Trump has several balls in the air and there promise to be additions on a regular basis.  He is likely able to control the issues given his propensity for making deals right and left without missing a beat.  He is, however, driving the pundits and the press goofy…goofier…with his approach to governance.  Among the primary reasons is the fact that President Trump has not worked his way up the slopes of the political world and he knows how he intends to run the Oval office without being too concerned as to whether or not Congress, or the press, can keep up.  He has broken the mold and that frightens those who have become dependent on a government that always looks and works the same.

He has taken on our next door neighbor to the South and has nailed a major issue on the amount of the outflow of money initiated by Mexicans working in the U.S., not all of whom are legal.  The amount has been pegged at $25 Billion annually.  He has, of course, insisted that a wall will be constructed across the southern border with Mexico to completely seal that border.  And, he has made it clear that he expects Mexico to pay the cost for that wall.  There are obviously ways in which U.S. financial support can be curtailed in addition to other tactics designed to offset the cost of construction.

Wall scoffers need only look at the Great Wall of China constructed centuries ago to see that where there is a will, there is a way.

The relationship between Mexico and our country is a complex relationship.  It involves tourism.  It involves Mexican citizens working in the U.S. sending funds back to families monthly.  Not all those working in our country have the documents required to be doing so, but they represent relatively low-cost labor and are taken advantage of by American businesses.  A symbiotic relationship.  The border between Mexico and the U.S. has long been used by narco gangs to bring drugs into the U.S.  Former President Obama saw fit to pull border control agents off their duties for whatever his reasons were, so it seems obvious this border issue was deemed unimportant by him and therefore by his Administration.

Rolled into the mess that President Trump has inherited are the so-called ‘sanctuary’ cities where illegal immigrants are welcomed and sheltered in obvious violation of the laws of this country.  Those sanctuary cities are proud of their reputations and make no bones about understanding that what they’re doing does not recognize the laws of this country.  Again, the Obama  Administration found no problems with this movement for whatever its reasons.  That Administration believed that laws were not meant to control what it wanted to cause to occur.  I suspect that sanctuary cities will find themselves under more scrutiny by this Administration compared to the scrutiny of the last administration.  And the cries of outrage will be loud indeed!

Mexico cannot win a trade war with the U.S. and yet its government continues to wage the war of words.  A visit to the U.S by Mexico’s president has been canceled by him apparently to show Mexico’s ‘resolve’ in matters concerning the border and mutual trade agreements.  Many of the automobiles rolling on America’s highways and byways were built in Mexico.  President Trump has been jawboning the U.S. auto and manufacturing company bigwigs ‘suggesting’ it behooves them to build their products stateside.  Mexico’s response is to threaten that it will pull out of NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement).  That is a wonderful picture of the old adage of cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face.

These are issues that have existed for some time without having been the subject of concern by our former leaders.  In fact, many of the laws governing/banning such activities have been ignored by the most recent Administration, thus being encouraged rather than discouraged.  President Obama’s administration made choices as to what laws it would enforce and what laws it would ignore thus making violations increase exponentially.  And, it was proud to make that known since the immediate past president had his own ideas about what should and shouldn’t be legal; Congress be damned, unless it willingly rolled over and went back to sleep.

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