A Cure for Trumpitis?

Trumpitis appears to have hit hard and likely will reach epidemic stage very soon at the current rate of progress.  It strikes Democrat politicians almost solely, except for a handful of Republican politicians who seem to have been infected, also.  There may be some kind of immune deficiency in the Republicans who have also contracted this disease.  Testing continues to determine why this anomaly is being seen.

So far, few, if any, cases have been discovered in the population-at-large giving further credence to the assumption that this is restricted to those in politics.  That having been proved to this point, there is a hue and cry for new political benefits for those affected by this disorder.  Those benefits are, so far, restricted to only national political leaders where the outbreak appears centered to date with rare exceptions.

The symptoms are unusual but then again Donald Trump has proved to be unusual; that leads to the supposition that Trump and his election to the office of President of the United States may well be the root cause of this debilitating disease which appears to cause those affected to go into a session of ranting and raving periodically throughout their daily sessions and meetings.  It also appears to be more acute when those affected find themselves in front of television cameras and microphones.

Of course, there have been previous outbreaks of similar conditions but those outbreaks have been brief in duration typically lasting only a day or two following election results being affirmed.  This outbreak seems to be a much more severe occurrence and seems to be spreading rather than abating as has been the case in other such outbreaks.

There is a strange side-effect in that the few non-politicians who have contracted the disease are all members of the media and/or the press.  There is some discussion that attendance at press briefings might have caused this spread beyond politicians.  There is, however, some evidence that the members of the media and the press typically are of the same political persuasion as the politicians, leading to the current effort to determine if the two are somehow related.  The only indication of such a possibility at the moment is found in the brain where a peculiar protein has just been isolated.

This finding has, of course, led to outcries from both sides of the aisle.  The Republicans initially brought this possibility forward and the Democrats have reacted vociferously; there has been one report of fisticuffs having been witnessed in a Capitol hallway between a Democrat and a Republican.  No witnesses have come forward although it is believed that some twenty people, many of whom were cheering, were present at the time.  Sooner or later, someone from that group will come forward likely after some deal has been cut to keep his or her identity confidential.  It is not known yet if a cell phone photo might have been captured, but there has been a reward offered by the Associated Press for such a picture should it exist.

More to follow based upon findings.

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