A Refreshing Press Conference…

Sean Spicer, Press Secretary for President Trump, got his tenure off to what I thought was a great beginning.  I have long believed that these people, these Press Secretaries, deserve hazardous duty pay given the tug and pull displayed during the typical Press Conference.

Spicer turned the old protocol on its head when he bypassed the usual sequence of question-givers and bounced all over the auditorium to pick the people who would ask the questions.  I suspect that the hand of President Trump might’ve been present with that display; it seemed likely to have been intentionally designed to set the tone for the future between this Administration and the press corps.  No more ‘business as usual’ where the press was seen as the aggrieved party due all kinds of goodies.

Spicer proved he is, in my estimation, quite capable of handling this job with finesse and good humor.  This was actually enjoyable television although I suppose you have to be a bit of a political junkie to say something like that.  He was in virtually complete control, his fact-based responses were such that there were hardly any follow-up questions with sharper edges displayed.  In the few cases where the edgy follow-up was involved, Spicer stood his ground and simply reiterated the facts of the particular matter.

So, another facet of Trump’s Administration has been unveiled and has passed muster.  For a guy we were told had no business running to become our President, he is doing a remarkably good job.  The freshness of this approach is exciting.  It will likely mark yet another point upon which it will be difficult to attack this Administration.

Among the ‘issues’ advance by the press was the conflict over how many people saw this inauguration versus past inaugurations.  The press fought diligently but lost this fight.  Spicer walked back over the statements made and cited the issue of all the people not visible who participated in televised inaugural partaking, and who used the Internet to get their news.  This effectively demonstrated that we are in a new era given virtually instantaneous worldwide viewership of this event…and furthered the belief that the numbers had to have been much greater than ever before contrary to what the press had reported…rather gleefully, it seemed until they were reminded of the new reality.  Even then, there was the stilted silence by the members of the press who didn’t like having been bested by this newbie Press Secretary…and by this President whom they had planned to excoriate during the conference.

As each day of this new Administration unfolds, we see something else to be excited about, and not just the measure of the man we elected.  He has made excellent staffing decisions even though the Democrats in the Senate continue to ‘slow-walk’ the hearings.

We citizens are not the only people witnessing the new President and his obvious preparedness for the office.  Leaders around the world are also watching very closely trying to get the measure of the man down pat before stepping in a pile of dog do-do with a misstatement or by erring in the approach they’ve planned to use.

There is a time coming when we will see that President Donald Trump has easily surpassed former President Obama in abilities and preparedness for this office.  I suspect that time will be upon us quite early in this Administration.  It will, obviously, take the media some time after you and I have witnessed this to admit it on their pages and over their air.  The longer they take to admit he is good at what he does, the more they will wear the egg on their collective face.

This is not to say there will be no moves that might’ve been better set-up, or that here and there improvements could’ve been effected.  The major difference is simple:  President Obama erred by not performing; President Trump will err while performing although he seems to be showing us that there will likely be nowhere near the quantity of “unforced errors” in his tenure as compared to his predecessor.  His immediate use of Executive Orders shows that he has assembled a very top level staff.  These people know their way around politics, and that tends to pave the way to eliminate some of the contrived obstacles usually thrown under the President’s wheels by the opposition party members in Congress.

President Trump’s cabinet selections have, so far at least, seemed very well done.  Will it be shown there was a dud in the group down the line?  Maybe but I doubt that such a person will be tolerated for very long until he or she hears “You’re Fired” coming from the White House.  This is not a person who has no experience making decisions, and making big decisions at that.

Donald Trump is about as far from a Barack Obama as one can even imagine when each took the seat in the Oval office.  The levels of differences in experience are so great they are difficult to verbalize.  I believe we’ll continue to see a significant difference in the pace of things coming from this White House when compared to the last White House.  And I feel certain that the quality of those initiatives will be very noticeable even though the press, so liberal as it is, may have a difficult time admitting that.

I wonder if an intentionally do-nothing Congress headed by Democrats doing their best to slow-walk his initiatives will a price for their intransigence?  Time will tell.

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