President Trump vs. The PRESS & The DEMOCRATS (What a team!)

The inauguration hoopla has quieted somewhat and the press is back to doing what it seems to think it does best, and that is taking on President Trump in virtually anything and everything he proposes.  Senate confirmation hearings may elicit use of the ‘nuclear’ option by Republicans to get the Trump nominees through the confirmation process since only a simple majority of 51 senators is required to make that happen when that so-called option is made the rule.

The Republicans usually play nice with an opposition President’s nominees but that seems not to be the case when the Democrats have the ability to delay approvals of Cabinet members for Republican appointments.  Of course, the non-partisan press will manage to somehow find it has a dog in that fight, and begin to talk about the use of the ‘nuclear’ option.  Predictions are quite easy in these situations.  The Republicans seem always to cave to the Democrat Presidents while the Democrats talk as though they will reciprocate but find reasons to not honor their word given the disgusting nature of the typical Republican nominee.

The so-called nuclear option would override the 60 vote majority required and replace that with a simply majority being needed to approve nominations in the Senate which Republicans have given their Senate majority..  At this time in the last Democratic President’s term, there were 7 nominations already approved.  Today, there are still only 2 nominations approved in spite of Democratic assurances/promises to the contrary.

(On top of everything else going on, the Green Bay Packers failed to live up to our hopes and got themselves smashed by the Atlanta Falcons, so you can understand my anxiety a bit easier.)

President Trump will have rough sledding ahead.  He is reviled by the opposition and the press is not at all fond of the man either.  That backdrop makes it all the easier for the Democrats to play hardball politics, even going back on their word if necessary.  That coupled with the typical ‘nansy-pansy’ approach by Republicans, too many of whom are frightened by their own shadows (or so it seems), suggests some rough sledding for the remaining appointees even though they ought to get through the histrionics pretty much unscathed.  The Dems will salt the political landscape so they can call in their markers with the press corps whenever that proves the best tactic.

Against this backdrop, we have a person who is pretty much accustomed to being able to work out deals whenever necessary in his business world experience.  This world of politics is particularly nasty when the opposition decides to make it that way, and that will potentially lead to some President Trump reactions that may do little but feed the frenzy given the press waiting for these situations for their use in raising the “we told you this would happen” mantra.

He might well surprise me in that regard, and I hope that will be the case.  If he can overcome that need to fight back and modify his reaction a bit, I believe that would serve him well.  I recall a phrase used by a past president that went like this:  “There they go again.”  That phrase worked well for that well-loved Republican president, and it could work wonders for President Trump.

We can obviously expect some bumps in the road as these next four years unfold.  World affairs will certainly play a role in this since, if we are being assailed by foreign elements, there is a certain expanded respect/love for the President who brings us through the weeds, and there is some diminution of the opposition’s willingness to appear petty in their daily skirmishes with the White House.

The demonstrations by the ‘loony left’ groups will die out soon and we can get on with the nation’s business.  World affairs tend to have a modifying impact on the less-serious but more-boisterous elements in our political world.  These events take the press focus back to serious stuff from the feeding of petty and frivolous demonstrations.

There are indeed adults among the Democrats who decry the way their party counter-parts act on occasion.  Too few at times, but there are some who know the meaning of being ready to raise country over party when they believe that line is about to be or has been crossed.  The dance is simply part of the political landscape and it is played far-more aggressively by Democrats than Republicans…probably because the press is always ready to side with the Democrats and the Republicans are left out there all alone while the press does its ‘job’ to ridicule them.

We have known for years that our playing field is always an uphill field while the Dems know theirs is an easy downhill run.

“There they go again!”

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