A Retirement & An Inauguration

Our Constitution provides for the orderly transfer of power and we witnessed that process yesterday.  Barack Obama is now our former President, and Donald J. Trump is now our President.  It is still remarkable, as we view the world, that our democracy continues to work as it was conceived.  Sure, there were some protesters, but by-in-large the process went as it was expected to go.  That is a tribute again to our founding fathers’ wisdom.

As we reflect on the Obama Administration, most of us will see it as a significant period in our nation’s history.  Some will see it as a good period and some will see it differently.  I am a member of that latter group.  I see the past eight years of the Obama Administration as a set back on nearly every measurable basis.  Our immediate former President alienated world leaders, notably the Prime Minister of Israel, Mr. Netenyahu.  That was embarrassing for me and I suspect for many others in this country.  He seemed to be in the office as his destiny had always been, and not because he had been elected to serve our country.  President Obama is among the poorest examples of a President in my memory which goes back to President Harry Truman…I know,that is a long time ago!

President Donald J. Trump is felt by some to be a poor choice for this office; those people have their reasons, few or none of which I share.  President Trump delivered what I thought was an excellent opening speech yesterday following his inauguration.  He was quite Presidential.  His speech was short and to the point.  There could be no misunderstanding of his position.  The world’s leaders now know what they can expect from this President.  Some were probably saddened while others may have been a bit concerned and/or disappointed depending upon what they hoped to hear or felt they had heard.  That is to be expected.  Their goals will not always align with our country’s wants or needs.

For all the fear-mongering by the opposition, this is a very ‘Presidential’ person in demeanor and appearance.  I doubt there will be questions on the minds of other leaders in this world as to what they ought to expect from our new President.  If there are doubts, I expect those will be clarified for whomever is confused.  He made it quite clear that America comes first in his mind. Period!  I suspect such a clearly delineated position right out of the gate might’ve been a bit disconcerting for some, but I found it very refreshing after the past eight years.

Will there be stumbles?  I fully expect, that since he is human, there will be some stumbles, but he has assembled a very talented and experienced inner circle of advisors, and that will be helpful to him going forward.  His detractors preach about his lack of experience, but they miss the mark given this person’s work history and his accomplishments.  He has experience that few modern Presidents have been able to bring with them to the Oval office.  He has already given us all a preview with the meetings he has held with business leaders and world leaders.  President Trump is no slouch when it comes to making a deal.  He may have some getting used to involved with Congress, but I expect that will be a decidedly two-way street.  Again, the staff he has already aligned himself with will help in that area immeasurably.

Pity the fool who underestimates this man.  I suspect they will not do that more than once and others will learn very quickly by those examples.  He is accustomed to negotiating and to making decisions.  He is accustomed to talking with leaders of business and industry; he knows their language and their positions on a wide range of topics.  He is knowledgeable about a wide range of issues.  He is not afraid to outline another’s position as he defines his own position.  This man is comfortable in his own skin.

He will encounter opposition in Congress, and maybe some of that from within his own party.  Time will tell.  Those who oppose would be wise to have sound reasons which they can enunciate to support those reasons.  I suspect that President Trump will be willing to give everyone a chance and will forgive all but the most ludicrous statements.  That will likely happen once and then not again for the person or people involved.  This is also a man who is not afraid to say he doesn’t understand something and to seek out advice from those better equipped.  He learns very quickly.  We saw that in the debates and on the campaign trail.

So, it is on with America First!


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