Co-Presidency: Day #1

This is the day that our new President is sworn in with great pomp and circumstance.

However, this might well also be the day when we move into the ‘Co-Presidency’ when the outgoing President decides he is better-suited than the incoming President and therefore believes he is doing what the country needs by becoming the first Co-President.

While this seems a bit ludicrous on the surface, we have to understand that the soon-to-be former President and his family will continue to be residents of our capitol city, simply no longer living in the White House.  We have to remember that much of the vaunted free press still seems convinced that the incoming President is not fit for the office, apparently based on the simple fact that the press is always correct in whatever its supposition.

We are about to see the capitol city playing host to two Presidents; one current and one former.  We know what the press seems to think about the current as well as about the former person occupying the office.  This sets up a dynamic in which the members of the press will likely be unable to control their base urges; they prove that over and over.  They will simply be forced to continue to confer with the past President while they criticize the current President.  That having been said, the soon-to-be former President doesn’t show signs of fading into the background as have most past holders of that position.

The press and its urges, when coupled with a departing President who doesn’t seem to think of himself as a former President set the country up for a dual-presidency even though the constitution does not permit that to occur.

We see that the 66 Democrats who refuse to attend the ceremonies today simply observing the swearing-in ceremony for the new President will be only too happy to support the press in the inquisition of President Trump.  This snit-fit shows that we are not dealing with adults in complete control of their emotions.  This is a terrible example being set for the young people in our wonderful country.

Republicans have been able to show deference to the winning political party even though the members are usually diametrically opposed to the Democrat’s positions on political matters.  There is no quid pro quo from the opposition.

I hope that this will not be the case.  I hope that the adults in both political parties will control the children.  I hope that the press will be able to avoid the temptation of pitting former against current especially given the close physical proximity of the two.  I hope the former President will be sufficiently professional and deferential and therefore will refuse to be used in this kind of situation.

Time will tell, but the press will have to find some way to control its base urges if this is not to be the day that our nation came under a co-presidency.

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