Change in Job Title

The Obamas are obviously staying in Washington, D.C.  They are going to be active participators in the governance of this country, even though the last eight years would suggest we can do, and have done, far better with the new President.  By the way, might it be a good idea to subject all Presidents to a thorough financial audit to determine what they had when they took the oath of office and what they have at the end of the tour?

The Obamas made their decision on where to reside after leaving the White House for several reasons:

(1) their daughters can continue to go to school in fancy surroundings still receiving the ‘oohs and ahs’ they, too, have probably come to enjoy.

(2) the Obamas can avoid having to live in Chicago-land that has become a hell-hole/killing field under Democratic control.

(3) the current President/Commander-in-Chief can trade in that title for the new title:  Obstructor-in-Chief.

Item #3 is the key to this decision as to residency.  Barack Obama will still be sitting in the prime spot, from his perspective, to try to obstruct our new Commander-in-Chief while he continues to try to alter history so that he can be remembered as a ‘great’ leader.  The lefties from the press corps, numbering far more than conservatives from that same group, will still be able to fawn over Obama and know they can seek him out for snide (posing as erudite) comments at least weekly whether on or off the record.

Any of us who might have thought we’d finally be rid of this episode of our history are simply wrong.   Barack Obama is intent on being the ‘gift’ that keeps on giving, and the mainstream media will certainly be happy to do its part to assure that occurs.

Reflecting on past occupants of the highest office in our land, we find that most all have been happy to have held the position and are also happy to be relieved of the pressures that come with that seat in the Oval office.  They have accepted the thanks of their country and have gone home to rest and reflect, and maybe write a book or two.

We can easily observe the activism that continues to flow in the final days of the Obama presidency by simply looking at the pardons he has liberally passed out to some bad actors who are certainly not deserving of his beneficence given what they have been convicted of in their own rights.

If the liberal press has its way, and that is the majority of the press, we’ll have two active Presidents.  But, that does not take into account the new sheriff in town, soon-to-be President Donald Trump.  I doubt that President Trump will take kindly to the kibitzer-in-chief sitting in the shadows rendering droll commentary on what was wrong with this decision and what should’ve been done in that situation.

We may find that we are exposed to something that authors will look back upon as quite the era in our political history.  The Obama presidency is not likely to look anything like we expect the Trump presidency will be.  There will certainly be contrasts in the governing style if nothing else.  Obama was aloof and somewhat condescending in his dispensing of Presidential wisdom.  Trump will likely be quite different in terms of his style of governance. The press will likely have more ‘fun’ with Trump since the press does not look upon him as the next savior of the U.S. as they did in Obama’s case.

The press would probably be well-advised to approach this new ‘target’ with care else it finds itself sitting in the very back row of a large theater in terms of its access to President Trump.  Where President Obama was trying to look professorial and smarter than anyone else in the room, President Trump is very comfortable in his own skin and is quite likely to call it as he sees it.  He is also likely, in my opinion, to chastise members of that elite group, the press, if and when he takes exception to their reporting and editorializing.  He might even dictate that some members be denied access to press conferences.

We can expect more Tweets, and we can expect those Tweets will be more frequent than were the actual releases from the Obama Whitehouse.  We can expect that those releases will be more directed thus not requiring a great deal of interpretation.  I expect President Trump will call them as he sees them…and I doubt the world will be the worse off for that having occurred.

This guy, our new President, has been there and done that in his personal life.  President Obama came to this job with virtually no accomplishments beyond schooling in his personal life.  Those who fear a ‘President’ Trump should’ve been smart enough to recognize the person who should’ve been feared is the outgoing President…and he proved it, time and again.

We, as a country, have many relationships requiring a reset as the result of the inexperienced Wonder-Kid who took our country by storm almost as if he were a rock star.  His downright nasty treatment of a sitting world leader, Mr. Netenyahu, was and remains inexcusable.  That showed the real size and standing of the man who has been our President for eight years.  He failed the test.  He is not likely due to have gotten any better at this as a kibitzer, either.

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