Planning Ahead…

President-Elect Trump had a brainstorm in the last day or two as he was being interviewed by a reporter.  During that interview, he uttered the phrase “Keep America Great” and, realizing that he might’ve hit on another winner, had one of his staff lawyers begin the process of registering it then and there.

Some would see that is hyperbole piled on top of too much forward-looking too soon, but that likely defines this man at his core.  He is a positive thinker.  He has always had plans for this and plans for that, so why not transfer that process to his new world, the world of personally-involved politics.  Really personally-involved politics since he is about to be sworn in as the next President of the United States of America.

We have become accustomed to presidential politics of an entirely different nature.  With Ronald Reagan, we had a gregarious, personable and wise man in the Oval office.  With Barack Obama, we had a hard-core liberal bent, socialistic even, on remaking not only the presidency but the entire country in his vision of what that ought to have been.

We saw just how a country can be remade with this new belief system lodged inside the White House and especially with a willing, eager and reasonably compliant majority in Congress.  The past eight years have changed the dynamics of the presidency.  It is now up to Donald Trump to help those of us who elected him change that image of the presidency back to something better as we see that something better.

This is another remarkable, if not also frightening, aspect of the United States of America.  Our country is a living and breathing entity; it can be changed for the worse as we’ve just witnessed in the past eight years, and it can be changed for the better as we believe we’ll witness during the next four, or maybe eight, years beginning officially on January 20, 2017.

There is a palpable feeling in this country today.  It is the feeling of restored hope, of witnessing the rebirth of a great country after a period of darkness imposed upon the country by the very leaders the country, whom, at least a majority that election day, thought capable of great things.  Barack Obama had come from nowhere, in the political sense, and had skipped all the steps from a back-bencher in the Illinois legislature all the way to the Office of the President of the United States of America.

We have survived that presidency and that is a tribute to the founding fathers and their gift of freedom to those of us to follow.  We continue to see the few members of the opposition who continue to insist on ‘acting out’ by skipping the inauguration as some kind of sign of protest.  That extremely liberal segment of the opposition has again commandeered the Democratic Party, embarrassingly so, and will refuse to participate in the ceremonies which are about to occur claiming some magical, mystical sovereign rights from a bygone era which we, the majority, were all willing to observe, learn from, and move on the better for it.

Those were not days of which we can be proud other than by observing the outcome.  These days of ‘protest’, while permissible, are not something that lends further credence to this great country except through demonstrating the strength that we all have as the result of our Constitution and willing obedience to the laws created.  The greatness of the accomplishments of the ‘civil rights movement’ are actually besmirched by the few who continue to demand obsequience through their sit-ins and sit-outs and whatever else can be conjured up to bring back the memories.  This childish approach to registering dissent, while legal, is certainly not adult nor particularly smart on the parts of those whose voice, while once great, has come down to deciding not to participate in the process.

There are too few adults in Washington, D.C., and too many adolescent-thinkers who risk their well-earned reputations in the most recent snit-fit.

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