Guantanamo Releases…

Guantanamo, or Gitmo as it is also known and which is easier to spell, has been the home of several hundred bad actors from the Middle East.  Among his last official functions, President Obama has been releasing those prisoners and sending them back into the Middle East.  There were 242 prisoners when he took office and there are now 45 left in the Gitmo facility.  More than 80% of the Gitmo prisoners were released by President Obama…so far.

I suspect that many of those are back in the business of being bad actors.  I suspect that ISIS has benefited from their experience.  The last five of these people released were sent to Oman.  One more little gift from President Barack Obama before he leaves the White House.  A gift that apparently he hopes will keep on giving; were that not the case, they’d not have been released.  Why would he do this?

This is an example of things done by this President that simply don’t compute for me.  We took these people off the battlefield for a reason.  He put them back for a reason, whatever that reason may be.  This speaks volumes to who and what Barack Obama is and to what he seems to see as the proper order of the world.  I don’t understand that, and I doubt that very many understand it.  There is no good reason to be found by freedom-loving people in these kinds of actions.  Is this some kind of finger in the eye of those of us who do not appreciate him and what he has done to us?  Is this somehow part of some larger strategy that we’re just too dumb by at least half to understand?

Or, is this simple retribution by him in order to somehow make our lives worse during the new Trump administration?  It is difficult to think ill of a former President of our country.  There has, to my recollection, never been this kind of question about any other sitting President.

Does this somehow tie back to the embarrassing actions taken by Obama against Israel recently in the United Nations?  One has to consider that to be a possibility, disgusting as that might be.

Is this somehow all part of a grand strategy to restore the Middle East to what it once was prior to Israel?  That doesn’t go back very far in terms of world powers.  That is a terrible thing to think and to write, but it seems a very prescient question that must be considered.  There is some reason.  Can it be as simple as a hatred for Netanyahu and Israel?  We all saw the decided cold-shoulder accorded Netanyahu on his visits to the White House.  We saw the UN action that can only be seen as a ‘sucker punch’.  It was a reversal of more than a decade of votes taken almost every year in the UN General Assembly.  The U.S. has, until this year, been the defender and protector of Israel.

The excuse for that action posed by the outgoing Administration simply didn’t/doesn’t  wash.  This was a very deliberate act.  This was a very distinct reversal of U.S. actions over the years, and it was not intended to be for the benefit of Israel.  Quite the opposite.

Can it be that our President actually wants to destabilize the Middle East since these actions seem destined to have that result?  If you and I can see that as a potential outcome, it has to be seriously considered.

If these suppositions are accurate, what a terrible thing for our government to have wrought.  How else do we reconcile the near-emptying of Guantanamo?  The dots are, unfortunately, quite connectable.  And, this Administration has shown some propensities that make this seem a distinct possibility.

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