The Enlightened Left?

Michael Brown titled a piece of his this morning using the term ‘enlightened’ in this blog’s title.  There is something amiss in our political debate today and that something is an awareness and full acceptance of the reality that is:  Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is soon to be sworn in as President of the United States of America.

The left may or not be ‘enlightened’.  Enlightened is defined as “having or showing a rational, modern, and well-informed outlook.”  The left might be modern and might be well-informed but it certainly has yet to show us that it is ‘rational’.  Rational is defined as “based on or in accordance with reason or logic”.

There are those on the left who are, so far at least, seemingly anything but rational.  They seem unable to wrap their collective arms around the simple fact that Donald Trump will be sworn is as the next President of the United States of America on this coming January 20th.  They seem to think that, if they continue the din of their personal rejection of this fact, the fact will somehow dissipate/disappear prior to the swearing in ceremony.  Their bad dream will end just in the nick of time.

Certainly, Donald Trump has done little to try to ameliorate the issue.  He has continued being the person he was and is and shall be.  The left continues to dwell on the popular vote vs. the Electoral College vote as if their continued dispelling will somehow magically change the outcome.  That will not occur; these poor people need to get on with their lives…or they need, as some claimed they’d do, to simply leave the country.

There is a time for mourning the fact that Hillary Clinton is not the President-Elect.  I choose to celebrate that fact but those who wish can certainly continue to mourn as they see fit.  These same people do need to begin to acclimate themselves to their new reality, however.  There will be an inauguration on January 20th.  Barack Obama will be out of the White House, although still in the District of Columbia to wreak whatever havoc he is able to concoct and sell to the liberals who are likely still going to be in the state of disbelief they exhibit today.

Reality will soon be upon us, thank goodness.  It will bring with it some rough spots as we transition from one governance to another.  The liberals will continue to have their liberal press upon which to lean and look to for rationalization of various facts that will hit them.  They will continue to have their favorite pols who continue in office.  They’ll continue to have Rep. John Lewis (D) to look to for his particularly strident form of verbal dissent, and his disclaiming statements alleging this new government is not legal, at least to his way of thinking.

Our new President will have some acclimation to experience.  He has been at the helm of a big organization, unlike the man he succeeds.  He will have some issues with a decidedly unfriendly press, unlike the man he succeeds who could do no wrong.  He’ll have the ‘nattering nabobs of negativism’ (what a great line) on the left nipping at his ankles.  He’ll have some gaffes with which to deal given his verbal propensity.  He’ll have some quicksand-filled potholes to negotiate courtesy of the Democrat minority.  Nothing will be easy, but it will be dealt with and we’ll see progress being made.

I am, frankly, concerned with two things:

I am concerned with the rabid nature of many of President-elect Trump’s non-fans from both sides of the political aisle.  Yes, there is a nest of Republicans that have it in for President Trump.  And, obviously, there are the strident Democrats for whom a Trump failure, even if it damages their country, is the sole reason for their being from January 20th forward.  There are those on the ‘enlightened left’ for whom a Trump failure is actually going to be seen as having been a wonderful thing to have helped precipitate.  This is representative of a visceral hatred that is not becoming to anyone no matter their particular brand of politics, Democrat or Republican.

Commencing on January 20th, we move into the brave new world.  It would be wonderful to be able to do so with a diminution of the anti-Trump rhetoric, however, that is probably too much for me to hope to see.  I’ll just have to take it as it comes, as will we all.

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