A Breath of Fresh Air…

Certainly, there will be things coming in the first term of President Trump that will not be quite so pleasant, but the press conference yesterday where the CNN ‘jerk’ got his lunch handed to him ranks way up on my chart of appropriate actions by an incoming President.

Trump’s persona permits this type of personal action with an obnoxious reporter; not only CNN got the message yesterday, but all the reporters who may ever sit in a press conference with him learned a real lesson:  don’t try to holler and bully your way into the limelight thinking you’ll best the new President.  He doesn’t take lightly to this kind of brash, egotistical behavior; he has enough of that in his own background so as to be an authority on the subject.  And, just so you know, make sure of the story before you leap on the latest ‘scandal’ dreamed up by your brothers and sisters in the media.  Do the work we expect of ‘journalists’.

The incoming ‘Big Dog’ marked his territory yesterday and he did it in front of the world.  Will this always work to his and our benefit?  Probably not always, but it does set a tone and a very refreshing tone at that.  This is a human being who has his quirks like all the rest of us.  He is not that aloof ‘leader’ such as the person we are about to bid adieu.  President-Elect Trump is as human as you or me.  He probably gets pimples on his face every once in a while.

The contrast in styles is marked by bright lines, one of which was crossed by the CNN reporter yesterday.  Not just reporters everywhere took this message to heart.  Leaders all across our world also saw and took note; both friendly as well as not-so-friendly leaders took note.  This is not that genteel world where one doesn’t say ____ without having his or her mouth figuratively washed out with soap.  The United States has been starting from behind for the past eight years given its titular leader.

Will this new more abrupt style always be beneficial?  Probably not, but that is likely when the other side of President-Elect Trump will be seen.  Trump uses the brash persona when it suits and he uses the very well-polished persona when that is called for given circumstances.

Those who under-estimate this man will pay a price.  He is a deal-maker and that requires prescience and capability.  I expect that we will see facets of Trump that we’ve not seen before, as is usually the case with each person we elect to this high office.  We have seen facets in the current President many of us, especially those who voted for him…twice…, didn’t expect to encounter.  Were there an independent rating authority for Presidents, such as history provides us retrospectively, we’d fare far better in our process of selection.  We did not do so very well, if we’re but willing to confront reality, in electing and re-electing the current President.  We the people will continue to pay a price for that detour through the Obama fairytale land.  We, ideally, will learn that bright, shiny objects are not the best solution to such grave problems.

Those who attack President-Elect Trump for a supposed lack of leadership experience are very, very forgetful.  They are the ones who gave us two terms of Obama.  By contrast, Donald Trump has been a leader for years albeit in the business world but that world is at least as vicious and deceiving as is world politics.  The difference between the back-bench, never voted anything but present, State of Illinois Senator who assumed the office, and this world-savvy business person who has ridden herd over a significant business operation and done so successfully is stupifying.  It was, frankly, unfair of those who voted for Obama the first time to do that based on the displayed qualifications.

The phrase is getting a bit of use, I know, but this is an example of voting based upon feelings rather than voting based on facts.  There were no facts to establish what we’d get with Barack Obama since there were none to be had.  This was a community organizer so he had liberal creds.  He was going to be the next savior of the country; it had been pre-ordained.  Our country has suffered for eight years as the result.

Now, we have so-called ‘journalists’ who seem to feel (not think) that they have been called to prove Trump does not deserve the office of President of the United States of America.  They naively believe they are the only ones properly educated and qualified to make such decisions and they obviously have to save us from ourselves given how stupid we seem to be.

The press, the mainstream media, has a significant period of readjustment ahead of it.  This isn’t the world of the past eight years.  This is the brave new world in which President Trump will hold sway, no matter what the ‘press’ may think should’ve been the case.  Given the very visible and decided lackings of the mainstream media, I, for one, am very happy that soon-to-be President Trump will be given the responsibility for their re-education.  He began those lessons yesterday.

It may be a bit painful on both sides of the aisle, but it will happen.  President Trump will not be backed into corners as those are defined by the media.  That CNN was the first media organization to feel the wrath was quite fitting.  Every other media organization needs to take note and their representatives need to conduct themselves accordingly.  If you take sides and find yourself on the wrong side, you pay a price.  You deal with the facts as those exist; you do not have the responsibility nor the authority to re-frame the future to suit your individual or corporate identity.  If you cannot be civil, do not expect civility in return.

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