A Pebble in America’s Shoe…

Have you ever had one of those tiny pebbles in your shoe and been unable to get to it for a period of time?  That is what we’ve just learned we’ll be experiencing from the soon-to-be-former President of the United States.  He is going to be maintaining an office in…dah-dah-dah-dat-ta-dah…Washington, D.C.

This is the first time I can recall a former President deciding to hang out in the District of Columbia.  I know their two daughters are going to school there, etc., etc., etc.  But this is simply a bit too much.  You and I both know exactly why the soon-to-be-former President has decided to stay in D.C.  He wants to have a ‘bully pulpit’ where the action is and where there is a preponderance of news media types.

He wants to be able to stay real close to the Democrats in Congress.  He wants to be readily available to anyone who visits the District of Columbia.  He wants to be sought out so he has an excuse for breaking the silence a former President has virtually always maintained in the past.  This is a massively egotistical move on Obama’s part and you’ll see no critique of it by the media.  He will set up what he thinks of as an alternative White House.

We are going to be treated, however, to nearly daily critiques of what the real President is doing or not doing and those critiques will be coming from the immediate former President, either directly or indirectly.  We know the press loves Barack Obama, and we know he loves the media’s attention.  A veritable marriage made in hell, from my point-of-view, has been deftly unfolded before our eyes by none other than the soon-to-be former President Barack Obama.  Will there be a critical media reaction?  Not likely.  They can likely hardly believe their great break, this wonderful gift from the outgoing President.

So, it didn’t take very long to determine what the opposition is up to, did it?  Did that happen as the result of the ‘success’ of the various attempts to lay out “fake news”?  Or was this simply destined to occur given the media distrust/hatred of our new President Donald Trump?

The Trump press conference in D.C. has just ended, and I suspect the media has a new understanding of where its members stand and what they will be expected to do or not to do.  President Trump is going to take no garbage from anyone, especially if they have a ‘press card’, and he is going to play by his rules and not the media’s rules.  There have to be heads spinning in the District of Columbia since that press conference has just ended as this is being written.

There is definitely a new President in town, and he is going to truck no media garbage.  Pity the media member who does not print the truth.  Pity the media member who leaks something told to him or her under embargo to be released later.  There is a new ‘sheriff’ in town.

There is the added benefit that the rest of the world is now able to see the new President under fire and to decide if anyone in that world wants to take any chances with the new President of the United States and with his appointees.  New boundaries have been established and they were very firmly laid out to the press today.  The vacillation of the past eight years is over.  The press will be held to account for what it does or doesn’t print or to otherwise release to the consuming public.

Back to the pebble in our country’s shoe, the soon-to-be former President of the United States, Barack Obama.  He should have been able to see how the new world of Washington, D.C. is going to look.  If he chooses to participate through back doors made available to him by the press or friends, he runs the risk of being called out by the sitting President, as should be the case if he is interfering or insinuating or otherwise acting badly.  I’d not want to test that, but that is up to soon-to-be former-President Barack Obama.

What a breath of fresh air!  Probably not for the press but certainly for us citizens.  So far as the press is concerned, it has earned much of the ire it was exposed to this morning.  If it does not take this to heart, it is very likely to be exposed to more of this same treatment.  All this President asks is that he be given the benefit of the doubt if there is any doubt and that he be treated fairly.  The first demonstration of that just ended.

Now we step back to see just how the media will respond to this dressing down.  For their sake, I hope they are able to suck it up and treat President Trump fairly.  This is not a lightweight such as they’ve dealt with too often in the past.

Welcome, President Trump!

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