They Just Can’t Help Themselves

I read an editorial in my morning Milwaukee Journal Sentinel penned by Doyle McManus, a Washington-based columnist for the Los Angeles Times (which appears to have been around for two days already if the Internet is telling me the truth).  Maybe we have the USA Today organization, the new owners of the Journal Sentinel, to thank for old writings passed off to we Midwest neanderthals as fresh material.  More to the point, we no doubt have the Internet to thank for making ink-on-paper news more and more irrelevant.  I am in the second month of having only my web version newspaper and I still miss the soiled fingers when I finish my reading, but I’ll get over that in another year or two…maybe.

Mr. McManus lets us all in on a ‘secret’:  Trump supposedly doesn’t know how to go about running a big operation like the Oval office.  “Trump is further behind on taking control of the bureaucracy than any president in recent history.”  Methinks Mr. McManus might’ve forgotten that President Barack Obama had no experience running anything when he walked into the Oval office.  I might have missed it, but there aren’t such warning articles that come to mind from eight years ago when Obama took on this gig.  Might we see a personal liberal belief system getting in the way of journalism?

McManus might have also overlooked the businesses Trump has run for years.  He might have missed the level of success achieved by Mr. Trump.  He might have missed the experienced team that Mr. Trump has assembled to help him in his Presidency.  Another sentence portends disaster:  “Yet there are signs of trouble, and veterans of past administrations from both parties have warned that chaos almost surely lies ahead.”  Unattributed bull—-  does not make a news article; it, instead, makes for an almost certainly liberal take on what this person hopes will be the stuff he’ll write about in the coming term.

People have been underestimating President-Elect Donald Trump since he declared his intent to run for the office to which he is about to ascend.  They all have egg on their faces or worse.  Some have had the stuffing kicked out of them in the polling booths all across America.  We were given two basic choices and we made our collective decision.  We did not choose Hillary Clinton.  I do not recall seeing the McManus name on the ballot I was handed.  I do not recall seeing ‘unnamed sources’ on the ballot I was handed, nor did anyone else in this country.  We had a clear choice and we made our decision.

I may have some ‘crow’ on a future dining menu, but that will only be known after we’ve had the time to make judgments based upon fact, rather than jumping to conclusions based on fancy before the facts have ever been displayed.  Democrats refused to take the challenge of Donald Trump seriously and we see what that earned them.

So much of what we are provided as news is rife with the authors’ opinions more so than being based upon fact or even solid evidence.  I have plenty of facts with which to develop lines of thought so far as our departing President.  This man has done more damage to our country than any other President I can recall.  Whether it was done intentionally or simply was accidental based upon a belief system that was faulty I do not know for certain.  I can see and feel the results, however.

Finally, I do not try to pass off my opinion as fact;  I am a blogger, not a newsman.  There are, unfortunately, too many people who are too gullible and who get swept up based on feelings [there’s that liberal vs. conservative thing again] rather than fact, and who are misled, whether or not intentionally, by what all too often passes for news.  Our mainstream media outlets are too often liberal and people who are not necessarily liberal take what they read or hear for granted without any critical thought given to what has been portrayed as fact.

If you are in doubt, it probably is safer to presume a media outlet to be liberal rather than conservative.  The numbers support that conclusion.  There is a reason for cable organizations to have so decimated over-the-air broadcast organizations in viewership polls.  The typical networks were (and still are) simply degrees of liberal with the least liberal being thought of as conservative simply by comparison.  The success of Fox News is an indicator of just how hungry we conservatives were for a conservative news source, even though Fox News has its liberal leanings occasionally.

It is easier today to be a political and cultural conservative than ever before, and yet it still takes some work and some discernment.  There are still the proverbial ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’ even today and we can be sucked into what seems a conservative thought group without realizing that we might’ve strayed.  If our conservative belief system is advanced enough, we can discern, but if we are still on our journey we may need to reach out to learn the thoughts of others on certain topics or certain ‘news’ outlets.


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