Expectations Of Our Departing President

President Barack Obama has given the signals that he will be anything but courteous and quiet in President-Elect Trump’s time in office during the first term.  To the contrary, every indication is that former President Barack Obama will be as involved and snarky as he can possibly be albeit possibly through his personal emissaries.

This is not a particularly silent departure nor can one reasonably expect that Obama will remain out of the news during the coming first term of President Trump.  He has his D.C. home well established and the kids are still enrolled in schools in the District.  He has not been particularly gracious in his actions toward the incoming officeholder.  He is a naturally condescending man and that is worn plainly whenever he is near Mr. Trump.

The former Presidents Bush have set the example for former Presidents.  One sees virtually none of that grace in President Barack Obama, nor would one expect to see that.  Grace toward others is not part of the Obama make-up, and both his actions and lack-of-actions convey that quite distinctly.

I don’t expect that we’ll have to apply any psychic salve to the wounds of President Trump; he seems quite impervious to such actions as can be expected from the former President.  In fact, I expect that the incoming President might actually invite the former President to be quiet and to permit him to run the office as he sees fit.  That would not be surprising coming from Trump…and it would be welcomed from this quarter.

The Dems have made their plans and laid their traps.  They will take delight in making Trump look silly if that is possible.  This is not a particularly nice group of people.  Politics at this level is not a particularly gentlemanly or lady-like activity.  We will be treated to that kind of behavior during the coming hearings for Trump appointees.  These are adults who have already made names for themselves elsewhere, and none strike me as particularly shy, although they do appear to be ladies and gentlemen; they have been in the spotlight before.

We see how Vladimir Putin has continued to be kept in the news by the media and by the Democrats.  The ‘hacking’ issue is very old news but continues to be drug along in this or that story.  The question of just how effective the hacking was has not really been explored, maybe for good reason.  I continue to marvel at the hackee’s password having been “password”.  Might be that a three-year-old computer whiz thought of that and did the hacking.

We can expect that the media, virtually united in its despising of Trump, will continue to play dirty at every opportunity.  Do not be surprised to see then-President Trump exclude certain media people from briefings if that does continue.  He will be different from every other President who has occupied that office.  Us supporters might be forced to cringe once-in-a-while, but he will be fine and he’ll do a great job for us.  By comparison, this will be a wonderful breath of fresh air.

The United States is about to take on a different appearance to the rest of the world.  I, for one, am welcoming of that given the point to which we’ve sunk in the world’s opinion.  This whole “Putin” thing is a contrivance by our press, but that is fine.  We can survive their shenanigans and might even benefit from that.  Our press corps, with some exceptions, has become a bunch of cry-babies pouting if they don’t get what they think they deserve from the incoming President.

I expect that then-President Trump will continue to have the support of we Americans who’ll see a different presidency from that of the past eight years.  I know I might be thought the fool, but I see a very Reaganesque President in our near future.  I believe this President will be ‘no nonsense’ and will say it like it ought to be said.  I think his ‘gaffes’, his actual gaffes and not those contrived by the press, will be few and far between.  Some might even be well-planned for effect.

Our current President has been too smooth by half, and the whole world knew it.   That has cost him (and therefore us) in terms of impact on other world leaders. The Putins of this world were able to play Obama like the proverbial fiddle…and he didn’t realize he was being played.  It has been very dangerous to have a President that full of self and that easily manipulated by other leaders in the world.  It has also been very embarrassing to have a President who would treat another leader, as this one treated Netanyahu.  It became the real mark of President Obama, not just here but also around the world, and that did us no favors.

A new day is dawning…and none too soon!


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