Is This Really Necessary?

“Calif. funds inmate sex reassignment

Sacramento, Calif. — A 57-year-old convicted killer has become the first U.S. inmate to receive state-funded sex reassignment surgery.

Shiloh Heavenly Quine has been living as a woman in a California men’s prison. The surgery had been scheduled for Thursday, and her attorneys told The Associated Press on Friday that it was performed.

California prison officials agreed in 2015 to pay for the surgery for Quine, who is serving a life sentence for murder, kidnapping, and robbery.”

# # # # #

[This clipping from my morning newspaper, no it isn’t taken from The Onion although that is where it should’ve been found, says a lot about the state of our country, and about where we appear to be headed, and about the Associated Press (AP) from where this was received.]

We appear to have lost our moral bearings, our sensibilities, our very ability to make reasoned decisions.  We have become caricatures of our former selves.

Sex change surgery for a prison inmate sentenced to life for murder, kidnapping, and robbery at the expense of taxpayers, not to mention the victim, is now to be condoned and, apparently, even celebrated or so the Associated Press and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel seem to think by including this information for me today.

If this weren’t so ridiculous on its face, it might be laughable.  But this apparently is deemed news worthy of reporting by any number of people along the line that made this available to me this morning.  What have we become?  Treating this as ground-breaking news is simply preposterous.

All ranting aside, okay almost all ranting aside, this is simply a very sad statement about what some obviously believe is right and proper.  There had to be numerous hands that touched this decision-making process.  There had to be someone with the authority to kill this ludicrous attempt by a convicted murderer, no less, with a simple “are you kidding me” comment and a firm NO.  The layers of government, especially in California, tell us that there is not just one person responsible for this miscarriage of justice, other than possibly a judge who permitted this to occur.  How many levels of command were involved?

We have, fortunately, come a long way from the prison farms in the deep South, but this is more than a bridge too far.  I am not at all sure this was what was envisioned by those who championed more humane treatment of prisoners.  This is simply a system that has gone too far in trying to avoid condemnation.  If this were some kind of treatment to mitigate physical pain, that would be more understandable.  This is simply someone’s definition of what has become the right of prisoners in that state.  People who criminally take the life of another lose their rights to all kinds of things.  I would suggest that loss of rights would quite easily extend to a sex change operation to help them feel better about self.

I cannot fathom that s/he would get that kind of blessing from me were I making that decision.  I wonder what the ultimate decision-maker in the California system would have to say about this decision if we were given the right to raise that question?  Of course, it might’ve been a committee voting in the blind to save the person from any recrimination for his or her actions in this decision-making process, and of course a righteous judge somewhere.

Just when we dare think we’ve seen it all, there comes another not-so-subtle reminder that we have not seen it all.

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