Hate Crime? Ya Think?

Finally, the officials in Chicago came to their senses and actually called this a “hate” crime.  Four blacks (two young men and two young women) beat the c___ out of a challenged white kid who voluntarily went with one of the four thinking he was being invited to a ‘sleep-over’.

We humans have some serious issues, and that becomes very apparent when something of this nature, such a horrific example of the worst of humankind, that it almost defies our ability to comprehend happens before our eyes.  Is there something in Chicago-land water?  Hundreds of killings by gunfire and now this example of disgusting humans, who might well denigrate the entire human race with this action.

Maybe there are more than the obvious reasons for Barack Obama to decide they’ll live in the District of Columbia after leaving the White House.  Mayor Rahm Emanuel has to be quite happy with the city he has responsibility for as these kinds of horrific things unfold.

This is, in my estimation, simply more of the backlash from what we saw in suburban St. Louis with the Black Lives Matter furor that erupted.  I agree that black lives matter, and have always believed that black lives matter.  Just as with any race, there are bad actors who are white, black, Hispanic, etc.  No one race has the corner on despicable behavior.

We see the horrors that occur at the hands of humans all around the world.  Somehow, given separation by culture and distance, we can put those occurrences into a deep corner of our minds.  The occurrence in Chicago defies that convenient disposal.  This is ghoulish behavior and that is very probably too gentle a term to describe the occurrence.

We, America, have a problem and we are doing little to deal with that problem.  This happened to be black on white crime but every race represented in our country today has some of the same issues, some races more than other races.  We can look at our history and see the horrors from past years but this epidemic seems somehow more widespread, more horrific and certainly more indescribable in terms of cause.

When did our devolution gain such speed as we see today?  This seems more threatening to our society than anything from our relatively recent history.  I wonder if there is a tie to the victory by Barack Obama some eight years ago and the belief that he would magically make all the ills of society go away?  Is there a lesser police response due to contrived restrictions on that response?  Is there simply a degradation of our mores that has been festering for decades?  Is this driven by the press reports from different places that we didn’t until recently have so readily available?  Is this driven by talk shows that exploit racial issues?

I doubt there is a major city in our country that hasn’t experienced this kind of thing.  Larger cities have more such incidents likely simply because there are more people.  Yet, we have had large population centers before and have not seen similar issues from that era.

We know that we have, in this world, factions that want us dead.  We know that we are admitting more people from those areas of the world today than in the past.  We know that we have porous borders, hence the ‘building of a fence’ issue from the recent Presidential race.  Could it be that we have been our own worst enemy?  Have we contributed to the development of those who would see us gone?  Either by our actions or our lack of actions?

I suspect that we have more culpability in all this than we have owned up to having.  We seem quite good at the ostrich approach to danger; we bury our heads in the sand and hope things will be different when we take another look.  We have taken a back seat in world affairs in the past eight years; might we be paying something of a price for that today?  Will we see a higher price tomorrow?  Have we been intentionally ignoring threats so as to be able to spend more money within our own borders on ‘feel good’ things and programs?

Given all these questions, I confess that I am anxious for our new President to be sworn in, and for our country to be made ‘great again’!

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