Gifts Left Behind?

Have you ever wondered what ‘gifts’ President Obama will leave behind for President Trump to deal with and to try to unravel?  First, if you do not think this will happen, you are either a strong supporter of the outgoing President or you believe in fairies and broomstick-riding witches or both.

President Obama will be as vindictive with incoming President Trump as is humanly possible.  It is in his gene pool.  We have watched as he drained the Guantanamo prison of the nastiest slugs possible.  He is visiting Democrats in Congress to work some magic now before he is out of the Oval office.

We will be learning of these ‘gifts’ for months to come.  There will be, without a doubt, efforts to try to make it as difficult as possible to end ObamaCare.  These efforts will have nothing to do with what the best might be for us citizens but instead will be designed to make the efforts of the incoming President and his Congress as difficult as possible.  The departing President is being vindictive by all indications, and he will continue that through the final day he holds the office.

For those who have earnestly tried to accept President Obama as being okay and as really having the best interests of us citizens in mind in everything he has done and continues to do, there is still the lesson to be learned.  President Obama will leave all kinds of political booby traps lying about, and his supporters in Congress will continue to be as disruptive as they can be in order to rain havoc upon President Trump thus making him look inept and ill-prepared for the Oval office.

If you step back and try to think how terrible it must be for President Obama to see how excited people are about him leaving office and about the person replacing him, you will begin to comprehend the actual visceral hatred there is on Obama’s part for this nasty, awful man who will try to undo all the great things Obama feels (there is that liberal thingy again) he has accomplished in his eight years in office.

Obama cannot undo the results of the election, so the best he has left is to try to interfere with the take-over for so long, and in such devious ways as is possible.  Hence his visits with members of Congress today.  You can be certain those will be the controlling Democrats and you can be sure this is not simply a nice visit to thank them for their support for the past eight years.

Everything in the past eight years has been about Barack Obama, not you or me since we are but citizens and taxpayers, and he is accustomed to that since he agrees he has been the very greatest President we have ever had.

It would not be surprising to learn that Obama has left shelled hard-boiled eggs hidden around the Oval office simply to make life as difficult as possible for Donald Trump.  That would not be the first time we saw our current President act out like a child.

We can be assured that the Democrats remaining in Congress will not be prepared to play well with others.  That has become plain to see with their publicly-stated plans about delaying the votes on those selected by Trump to serve in various capacities for so long as is possible.  Would they put the welfare of our country in doubt to accomplish this?  I am not sure we could expect they’d stop before having done that.

Republicans, especially conservative Republicans, tend to judge others by their standards for themselves.  That is a significant mistake in this situation since those they judge are like despicable miscreants already.  The games that can be played in Congress are available to both sides however we seldom see the Republicans going so far down that shoddy road as to use those games against the opposition since they tend to think of country before self.  Too often we learn that those in the other party have no such problem.

This is all part of the problem that many of us conservatives have with the opposition.  We know what they’ll try and we know that there are too many across the aisle who will pale at the thought of fighting this political fire with their own political fire.  There is a solution to being victimized by the use of smash-mouth politics.  Show the opposition that we can use smash-mouth politics, too.  Except, we never seem to do that and everyone knows it, so we continue to be the victims of such tactics.

You may not like it, but you can bet that the departing President will have used whatever dirty tricks he had available to simply slow the Republican juggernaut.  You can be especially certain of that in this situation since we had the poor taste to put Donald Trump into the Oval office that Obama has called his own for eight years (even though it is OUR Oval office and not his).  We weren’t even thoughtful enough to simply let Hillary Clinton take over; we just went right for a conservative Republican.

It should be obvious to us that we deserve whatever dirty tricks he can arrange for us on his way out of town; oh, that is right, he isn’t leaving town.  He is staying in the District to give himself access to the press more readily as he dishes on all the screwups President Trump is bound to make.

But maybe, just maybe President Trump will show us he knows how to rough it up politically; and what a juicy target the outgoing President would present for that purpose.  Watch for a tweet…or simply wait for Trump to walk up to Obama and button-hole the man.

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