Political Intrigue…

Political intrigue will be rampant in 2017 as Donald Trump takes office and as the Republican majority tries to remain a majority on the important bills.  Many are concerned about how the Democrats will act out, but I think those concerns would be better directed at how the Republicans, some Republicans, might act out.

It is quite possible that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R) might end up having the toughest job in Washington, D.C.  And that doesn’t mean that the nasty Democrats will somehow figure out how to block bills in Congress.  It means that Republicans, all Republicans, will have to coalesce and truly become the party of adults if this is to be the remarkable year we conservatives, especially, have been dreaming of for some time.

Wrangler Ryan, if I might be so bold as to give him another title, will be assailed from all sides, and I believe he is ready for that coming from the Democrats.  They will do their level best to be obstructionists; they truly believe that is what they are supposed to do when they are in the minority.

The biggest problems Wrangler Ryan will face are unfortunately destined to be coming at him from within his own party.  This is an ‘opportunity’ for some on the back bench of their party to make a name for themselves with the folks ‘back home’.  This will also be so tantalizing an opportunity that old time solid Republicans might just have to engage in a bit of puffery showing off for the folks back home or just playing to the press for some time in the limelight.

These are ‘opportunities’ that you and I have difficulty understanding since you and I are, for the most part, normal citizens.  We see a conservative in the wings who is about to be designated for an appointment and we are thrilled.  Others have an ability you and I were born without; they can find opportunities to assert themselves no matter the cost that might bring to their brothers and sisters in the Republican party.  If it gets them mentioned by a reporter writing a story, that is all that is required.  If a national anchor seizes on the story, so much the better.  They have found the ‘big time’ in that case.

An earlier blog spoke to the issues created by the Republican group that lays in wait for such opportunities.  These are people who align themselves entirely with ‘conservative’ issues no matter the sense or lack of sense such alignment might make in a given situation.  They will somehow take advantage of anything and everything they see.  This caucus has honed the fine art of finger-in-the-eye-of-the-Speaker-of-the-House and this group lives for the opportunities each day might bring to unleash the power they have.

It is possible, for example, that this caucus might decide to hold Supreme Court appointments hostage to their need for something about which they can brag in their home districts.  Many of us tend to be quite parochial in our approach to politics.  If it is good for us, it is good.  If it isn’t good for us but is good for everyone else, to heck with it; kill the bill…unless a deal can be made so we get something in return.

This is all aggravated by President Donald Trump on and after January 20th of this year.  There is ample concern about him as President and that concern may well give this group the position from which to exert itself.  They wouldn’t be obstructing then but instead could claim to be protecting us all from President Trump.

All of this sounds quite parochial, I know, but it is the stuff these kinds of obstructing/self-serving groups find very convenient.  Such a fact becomes the camouflage they seek for their activities.  I will be arousing the ire of the most conservative of voters, and may even be thought not a conservative by those who hold this belief system near to their heart.

It would be shameful for these kinds of blocking actions to cost us solid conservative U.S. Supreme Court Justices, for example.  These are the kind of lightning rod actions that make this group salivate.  How much better could it get but to be able to hijack a Supreme Court Justice vote for their own purposes?

Wrangler Ryan has his work cut out for him.  Not only does he have to assist the White House in putting deals together, but he has to maintain a semblance of peace and order in the House of Representatives.  This young man from Janesville, WI has the toughest job in the District of Columbia.  And even better…he is up to it!!

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