The Difference Between Involvement and Commitment…

This quote comes from an excellent book written by Brad Taylor, a favorite author, titled “Ghosts of War”.  I knew this had to be the source of a blog but have had to work on the proper subject matter to do justice to the quotation.  Here it comes…

The full quotation is this:  “It was the difference between involvement and commitment, like ham and eggs.  The chicken was involved, but the pig was committed.”

As I look over the past eight years of Barack Obama’s Presidency versus what I expect I will see in the coming first term of four years of President Donald Trump, I find that Obama’s tour of duty had the appearance of involvement while I expect that Trump’s tour of duty will have a solid commitment.  President Obama enjoyed his time in the Oval office but never really seemed to take the oath of office as seriously as I think it ought to be taken.  He did what he wanted to do and little else unless current affairs forced him to take a position on some issue.

Obama came into office with a ton of ideas as to how he could materially change the United States of America so that it would better represent what he thought it should be rather than what the Founding Fathers designed it to be.  He has done a remarkable job of accomplishing what he wanted to accomplish much to our collective chagrin.  Obama’s use of executive orders has been astounding.  I noted a comment from another person along the lines of: “Wouldn’t it be great if Trump issued his first Executive Order which abolished all of Obama’s executive orders?”  That might not such a bad idea; President Trump could replace the handful that had merit very quickly.

I am convinced that we will see real commitment from President Trump rather than simply the involvement we saw from President Obama.  There was not much passion from President Obama.  Maybe he was just trying to be Mr. Cool to demonstrate just how smart he was in dealing with the rest of the world.  I have already seen more of what seems actual commitment from President-elect Donald Trump and he isn’t sworn in for almost three more weeks.

Many, if not most, of the world’s leaders will see, or already have seen, the same thing as they compare the two men.  Those world leaders are not fools.  They see the involvement that President Obama displayed and they are already able to compare that to the commitment of President-elect Trump.  The difference is palpable and it has only just begun.  That easily explains Putin’s relationship with Trump.  They have mutual respect and each is a ‘get-it-done’ kind of person.  They read each other instantly while Obama stood off in the corner of the Oval office pondering.

I know there are ample numbers of people who see President-elect Trump as some kind of circus showman without the brains to do much else.  They will be very surprised assuming they have the ability to see how wrong they were and to admit their error of judgment when the discerning and very intelligent man who is President-elect Trump takes office.

Where President Obama was quite distant, even aloof with other world leaders, we will see a comparatively gregarious man as our next President.  His ability to see things others miss is acute.  Those who miss what he sees come to understand, whether or not they’re big enough and comfortable enough in their own skins to admit it, just how smart this guy is and how he is able to read those with whom he is engaged.  Love him or hate him, he has been successful and that is far more than simply being in the right place at the right time.

We are in for an almost night and day transformation in the Oval office.  It will take time for some of us to get comfortable with that.  Others of us are already salivating over the prospect.  There are stuffy press folks who will see that as blasphemy; those are also people whose excrement doesn’t smell as you may’ve noticed over the course of time.

Being perfect ain’t easy!  Our incoming President Donald Trump knows who and what he is, and he is very comfortable in his own skin.  He is accustomed to gathering a lot of information on a lot of different subjects and he is accustomed to making decisions.  He has been up against some of the greatest bamboozlers of all time and will be again.  I’d put my money on our President Trump every time.  He has the decided advantage of not having been in the political world before so he is a relatively unknown quantity for those with whom he’ll interact.  They may be a bit uncomfortable with that, but that is their problem, not ours.

The man has a high opinion of self, but that seems justified when we look at what he has accomplished to date.

We may well look back on his time in office as compared to that of Barack Obama and say:  “It was the difference between involvement and commitment, like ham and eggs.  The chicken was involved, but the pig was committed.”

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