President Obama seems to be signaling that he is going to do us all a favor and stay very, very close to us so that he can help us really understand why the new President just ain’t cuttin’ it.  He may be applying for the new position of Kibitzer-in-Chief.

What a great idea.  He has had eight years to learn how to be a good President and that didn’t work so very well for many of us.  Now he wants to take this golden experience and apply it to this new position designed, of course, to help us simple voters better understand why we voted for the wrong person.

President Barack Obama is showing signs of becoming the first former president, in my memory at least, who will be telling us all the mistakes this new doofus of a President is making or has made.  He has already shared his belief that he’d have beaten Trump had he just been able to run for a third term.


Being almost at a loss for words…and that is an oddity for me as regular readers will attest, I struggle to go on.  This is about as strange a pronouncement as I believe I have ever heard from a departing President.  Every departing President in my adult lifetime has faded gracefully into the background.  Albeit, some might’ve wished to express their frustrations with the replacement BUT they had the good sense and the good taste to avoid anything so crass and ugly.  It cannot be easy, having been the most powerful person in the world a month or two before, to watch as the new person in the office does things that the former would’ve avoided.  It cannot be easy, but it is an accepted fact of the new position, the position titled FORMER- President.

President Obama has signaled the press that if they ask he might just have something juicy to say, thus assuring, he hopes, an ongoing dialog about the replacement’s shortcomings.

This would require that a new definition be devised for an especially-egotistical former President.  We have watched this President do his own flailing around from the Oval office, and there was not a hint from any former President that there would be ongoing commentary available if the press would only ask.

Admittedly, this President has been a bit of a ground-breaker.  He has cultivated that ability to look down his nose at us knuckle-draggers without breaking stride.  He has given us, or at least me, that look of disgust that we are so dumb he has to explain things to us using very short words and uncomplicated sentences.  I may have to undergo counseling just to regain my sense of self-worth.  Maybe that is covered under ObamaCare.

All joking aside, almost all, who does he think he is?  We have survived his reign and I am happy to see him off to retirement even if it does cost us all a bunch of tax dollars.  I do not believe he was so good at this job as to make me want him to be standing by to help the next person through the tough spots.  I’d prefer that he fade into the deep background, play golf, maybe write a book or two, try to get his wife nominated for the 2020 run.  You know, just be a regular former President learning how to smile again after looking down his nose at us all for eight years.

Let us assume, for a moment, that we simply welcome the President-elect into the Oval office on January 20th with the usual fanfare, the parade, the oath, the speech and let him get on with getting on.  Is that such a bad way to say goodbye to this President?  I think that would be great.  He has grayed considerably in these last eight years.  We are still a free country.  I’d be very happy for him and his wife to be able to travel and see old friends without the added task of having to watch over the new President’s shoulder to correct him before he screws up big time.

I believe the President-elect will do just fine without kibitzing from the former office-holder.  He’ll have his own style just as the outgoing President had his own style.  He won’t need advice from the outgoing President but I believe that, if he thought that might help in a spot or two, he’d reach out for that without having to read a press report about what he should or shouldn’t do in this or that situation.

Frankly, if there is second-guessing, kibitzing, by the outgoing President, I think Congress ought to very seriously consider rebuking that action formally.  We do not have a need for nor the room for a double-occupancy Oval office.  That would be a very serious transgression by the former occupant no matter his political persuasion, and would severely damage the current President’s use of power with potential for disastrous effects on all of us.

One thought on “Kibitzer-in-Chief?

  1. How nice it would be if Obama would know more of his American history and adhere to General Douglas MacArthur’s quote upon leaving active duty……Old soldiers never die; they just fade away.

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