Palestinians vs. Israel…

The U.N. vote that President Obama engineered accomplished nothing other than to raise hackles around the world.  The Palestinians have shown they cannot govern themselves. They have no ability to defend themselves.  They seemingly refuse to work together within their own arena much less develop into a viable nation-state.  Across-the-border terrorism is their strong suit.

Our President Obama showed something in this situation; I don’t know that he accomplished anything but to exacerbate an already explosive situation and to further demonstrate his apparent hatred for the jews and Netanyahu.  In short, nothing changed but it must’ve made President Obama feel really good as he vacations on our dime in Hawaii.

This was, in my opinion, the ultimate cheap shot that did more to demean Obama’s entire presidency than it did anything else.  It also gave those who hate jews something about which to feel good during this Christmas season when most of us celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

I have no idea what this might have done to our country’s hosting arrangement with the United Nations if anything.  That remains to be seen and I’m not overly concerned about it.

We have been the primary support system for the Israeli state.  We have tried diligently to work for a ‘solution’ to the Israeli/Palestinian issue that would be helpful to both, but our President simply cannot abide the Jewish state, or so it seems given his history with Netanyahu, coupled with this action (more a cheap shot than an action) taken at his direction in the waning days of his presidency.  Obama’s legacy has been tarnished beyond redemption and that is simply due to his own actions.  His treatment of Netanyahu during the latter’s visits to our country has been deplorable…and not just a little childish.  He, Obama, would have us wonder about the incoming president’s ability to be ‘presidential’ when he has shown again that he is not ‘presidential’; this is a childish action taken by him and him alone.

I am ashamed, as an American, at this behavior by our President.  I am concerned with what the fallout might be from this action.  The Israeli nation is nothing with which to toy; it has managed to defend itself since its formation, albeit with our help which will not likely be withheld under the new Administration.

I have to believe this was more Obama ‘getting even’ with Netanyahu, I’m not at all sure for what, than anything else. It might be that Netanyahu is the leader Obama wanted to be but couldn’t quite attain.  It certainly was not presidential by any stretch of the imagination.

President Obama might well have been better advised to work on the Chicago gunshot death rate of 745 so far in 2016 than to pick a silly, childish fight with Netanyahu whose reputation will only be burnished by the action.

Great men are remembered for their kindness and their leadership abilities.  Small men are remembered by the actions they take trying to be great.  President Obama has put the final touch on his reputation…and he did himself no favors.  What a shame.  What a waste.

President-Elect Donald Trump is gaining in stature even before he is sworn in as our next President.  A breath of fresh air blows across America and none too soon.  This has been eight years that seem like at least sixteen.  Makes me even more thankful that Hillary Clinton is not the person about to be sworn into that office.

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