Obama’s Final Gift? I hope!

We have known of the cold relationship that our President has maintained with Israel’s leader.  It is displayed every time the two are anywhere near each other, and it is always precipitated by one of the two, our President Obama.  President Barack Obama has had, and obviously still has, some kind of personal issue with Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel.  This has been displayed in a series of childish gestures always instituted by our President.

The ultimate rebuke by Obama came yesterday in the United Nations when he instructed our UN Ambassador Samantha Powers to not exercise the U.S. veto power that has been regularly used in the past to protect the interests of Israel and to simply abstain from voting.  The UN was again debating the condemnation of Jewish settlements in the West Bank and east Jerusalem.  The U.S. has typically vetoed this action every time, for the past 36 years, it has been brought for vote thus protecting the interests of Israel.  Obama’s directive and Powers’ action now put Isreal in a terrible position of being unable to try to settle this age-old issue through negotiation with the Palestinians given the weight of the UN edict.  Israel is now all alone in this world unless and until our next President can take steps to intercede.

This was, in essence then, a vote for the Palestinians and against Israel.  President-Elect Trump had encouraged a ‘No’ vote, so maybe this was a choice stick in two eyes at one time by our departing President.  To his credit, Trump vowed things would be different after January 20th.  That may be more easily said than made to happen given the slow and deliberate diplomatic procedures observed inside the UN.

Now we will watch as more posturing goes on between Israel and the many countries opposed to Israel’s existence in the world since the 1967 Mideast War that saw Israel take this land from the Palestinians.  Our position has historically been that this disagreement should be settled through negotiation.  That, frankly, would be the best solution for the Palestinians who couldn’t begin to mount an effective military campaign against Israel although there might be ‘allies’ who’d team up with the Palestinians simply to eliminate Israel.

If there should be another Mideast War, and this action could actually precipitate that occurrence, we need to remember at whose feet that responsibility lies:  President Barack Obama.  I don’t know if this can simply be blamed on a liberal mindset or if Obama is just so vindictive a man that he couldn’t pass up this opportunity to poke one more finger in Netanyahu’s eye.

Whatever the driver, this points to the smallness of our current President.  This should, and likely will, be his legacy for the rest of history.  He can take delight in playing his little power games with Congress, but this is a critical step that was taken and it could serve to destabilize a situation our country has worked diligently to diffuse over the years.  This frankly was a petty act on the part of our President who certainly knew that it could actually result in armed conflict.  The U.S. has any number of interests in that part of the world that would compel us to become involved militarily, and that could result in us facing off with Russia, another country with multiple interests in the area.

Maybe this was actually a tweak of Vladimir Putin who has seemed to be constantly under Obama’s skin.  If that was his intent, he is even more simple-minded than I have given him credit for being.  Not to overplay this, BUT…this could lead to a major conflagration especially if Putin has been looking for some excuse to show his muscle other than in photographs.

There are several possible reasons for Obama’s decision, none of which make any sense and all of which are dangerous to our national interests.  For all his seeming intelligence, there seems a decided lack of ‘street smarts’ and that may simply point to his lack of experience in everything other than being a small time liberal organizer and a backbench state Senator who cast no ‘yes’ or ‘no’ votes to avoid establishing a record that might’ve been used to keep him out of the Oval office.  This was his destiny, of course, so any route to get there was permissible for the liberals who thirsted for such a man.

I fear we will continue to pay the price for these past eight years for a long, long time to come.  I wish January 20th were already here, but I am sure that President-Elect Trump will be in touch, if he hasn’t already been in touch, with Vladimir Putin and Benjamin Netanyahu.  It is already pretty easy to see the differences between what we’re ‘losing’ and what we’re ‘gaining’ in that Oval office.

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