Obama’s Exit Strategy…

President Obama is leaving behind everything he can think of as ‘a present’ for the President-Elect.  This is how petty and vindictive this man was, and is if there was any question about that.  Trump will have a lot of bumps in the road if President Obama has his way, and he expects to have his way.

This is all about Obama and his ‘legacy’ and about how he can cause the greatest level of extra work for the incoming President that will be required to overturn much of what this departing President has done with the stroke of his pen and without congressional action.

Newt Gingrich has most of the responsibility for a thing called the Congressional Review Act which might come in handy for our next Congress and President.  This Act may be the route to getting through the swamp that Obama and the Dems are working to leave behind.  Of course, Trump cannot be permitted to say that he intends to “drain the swamp” when he is sworn in as our next President.  That is apparently now a politically incorrect term.

We have experienced a dilettante, a person, in my opinion, without real commitment or knowledge, sitting in the Oval office for the past eight years.  This eight-year term has been more about him and less about us than any other eight-year presidency I can recall.  His vindictive approach is now to lay as many little traps for the incoming President as is possible for no other reason than to delay change and possibly sidetrack the new sheriff in town for a bit longer than necessary.

If nowhere else, one can see this in the pure, unadulterated bodily ‘swagger’ with which he carries himself.  Cockiness personified.

President-Elect Trump has a more commanding aura about him, some would call it a swagger or pomposity.  For some reason, Trump carries that well; it is his persona.  It is not something contrived or faked as seems the case with President Obama.  Trump can be, and is, a human being with a certain panache about him and that drives some in the media nuts, but that is the man and not some concoction to make him seem aloof and condescending as is the case with President Obama.

We have a current outgoing President trying in earnest to leave little ‘gifts’ behind that are intended to slow the incoming President, Trump, down a bit or to make him look foolish, or a combination of the two.

This is a petty display, at best, by the outgoing President.  If he were smart, he’d have been working diligently to make the new President’s entry into the Oval office as smooth as is possible.  But that is not Barack Obama, and we have seen this over and over again during these past eight years.  If one didn’t bow and scrape sufficiently before his majesty, they were ostracized and/or belittled.  This is not the mark of a natural leader, nor is it the mark of a mature leader comfortable in his or her own skin.

We welcome a real and genuine person to the Presidency on January 20th.  The change will be most refreshing.  There may be a few rough edges, but that is simply the man.  This will be a real person whether we like it or not on occasion.  We can see how comfortable he is in his own skin by the quality of the appointments he has made and is making.  He honestly wants the best people around him without any concern for having to share a spotlight.  He knows he will have more than enough spotlight time.


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