Unwinding The Last Eight Years…

Obama’s Executive Orders will prove to be the major starting point for the coming Trump Administration.  Executive Orders are those neat things that permit the occupant of the Oval office to side-step Congress and to make whatever changes he or she thinks would be good.  Maybe not necessarily good for the country, but at least good for somebody.

Obviously, an outbound President might, if he were of the mind to do so, create Executive Orders that he hopes would extend beyond his four or eight years.  I would submit that in some cases Executive Orders might be detrimental to the country but might be issued simply because it made the occupant feel good about self on his or her way out the door.

The recent drilling/exploration ban on oil fields thought or known to exist in the Arctic region might be among those ‘feel good’ Executive Orders.  This is not something that would get through the current Congress but what the heck.  The President is trusted to act only in the best interests of the country; Presidents are not thought to be, nor expected to be, impetuous when in office since that might lead to bad outcomes.  That is part of the anti-Trump mantra after all.

We all know that the Executive Orders issued throughout President Obama’s eight years in office will be the initial playground for President Trump on the morning of January 21, 2017.  The list of actions has been developed for some time.  President Obama knows that as well and hence this latest effort by him to create something that cannot be changed by finding an archaic reference in some old piece of legislation that seems impossible for a new President to change.

This kind of action is not the mark of a good and decent President.  This is the action of an egotistical, I’m-the-smartest-guy-in-the-room, vindictive outgoing President.  History will make the decision as to the kind of president Barack Obama was.  I doubt history will be necessarily kind but that remains to be seen.  This kind of governance may well go a long way toward the determination that history will make several generations from now.

We all know, or should know, that the media has been and will continue to be in the bag for Obama.  Thus, expect to find a particularly combative press in the coming Trump era.  This will be a press that sees President Trump as an accident of some kind that snuck up on the next person in line, the first woman to be elected to the office, and stole the election.  It is impossible for Trump to have won the election honestly, or so the media opines, so he is suspect from day 1 forward.  And he’ll be treated as such.

There is, of course, a bit of a problem in this planned scenario.  President Donald Trump is anything but cowed by the media’s dislike; in fact, I think he feeds on that kind of thing and that he has fed on that kind of thing for years.

There is another problem in this planned scenario.  President Trump is going to be a very good President.  We who voted for him know that will be the case; true, we also know this will be all uphill since the media does not like him and, therefore, he cannot govern well since the press is all-knowing and omnipotent.  President Trump is going to drive a lot of people, here and abroad, nuts as they all try to put him in a certain place.

This presidency is not likely to be much like Obama’s presidency.  This new President has been around and has wielded power for a long time.  The last President not so much; actually not at all for that matter.

So, the initial changes will have to do with the Executive Orders issued by President Obama.  But, there will also be significant congressional activity since the Republicans control both the House and the Senate.  This White House team will go down in the history books as among the best ever created.  People who may have underestimated Donald Trump in the past would probably tell his new-found enemies not to underestimate the man.  Some might think that ‘enemies’ is too drastic a term, but I believe his political enemies will prove that my selected terminology was quite apropos.  They see him as just that.

One other thing that needs be remembered is this:  politics is a dirty business when hate is involved, and I don’t think ‘hate’ is too strong a term.  Donald Trump simply does not belong where he is going to be, or so the opposition would hold.   We need to buckle our chin straps; Trump and his team are accustomed to this world but we aren’t.

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