Behind the ObamaCare Curtain…

The Washington Post published some interesting numbers relating to ObamaCare.  Among those numbers was this:  “Health insurers get only 1.6% of the $6,000,000,000,000 (billion) they are owed for costly ACA customers.”

This is the amount claimed by insurers as promised to them for covering the cases they inherited without the ability to underwrite as had been the case prior to ObamaCare being put into play.  Nearly anyone of us would’ve been able to think through this scenario and recognize that the pent-up demand was going to be staggering.

This is but a part of President Obama’s legacy.  He is leaving behind him all sorts of ‘stuff’ that will be inherited by President-Elect Trump on January 20, 2017.  Yes, Virginia, he was elected by the Electoral College yesterday in spite of the shenanigans of the left.  There will be no President Hillary at least for the coming four years, and likely never after her shellacking and meltdown recently.  She might even be prosecuted, but that is for another day.

Back to reality.  I am not an actuary and apparently none were employed by the Democrats and President Obama since an actuary would’ve seen this coming in the first minute or two of reading how ObamaCare was to work.  The reality is simple.  No one could bring all the uninsureds into a program, create fictional premium levels to try to sucker enough people into the program and have enough money to avoid bankruptcy.  Many, if not a majority, of the people who jumped on the ObamaCare train, were people who had pre-existing conditions and had been going without coverage due to that.  This failure is not their fault.

This isn’t saying that they should be left on the side of the road, but it is to say that Democrats hoodwinked the country into thinking that, somehow, this would work.  My background was sales and marketing in the world of health insurers and HMOs so I am not a number-cruncher.  BUT, even a sales guy like me could see where this was headed.  ObamaCare was destined from day #1 to crash and burn.  The only real question was how long that result would take to materialize.

We have seen the number of insurers diminish for the coming year.  This is the reason for that number going down.  True, the insurers were prompted by greed, as well as fear of political repercussions, to get on this train in the first place.  But they were told that the President had their back.  That wasn’t true and today’s reality proves that wasn’t true.  This failure is not their fault.  This lays squarely at the feet of 100% of Democrats who passed this monster in the dark of night and at the feet of President Obama.  This is among his legacies.

There is a thing in this world of health insurance called the ‘death spiral’.  That is the point at which something cannot be resurrected.  It becomes impossible to sell enough new business at higher premium levels to offset the staggering losses accumulated.

So, President-Elect Trump and the Republican-dominated Congress have another challenge from Inauguration day forward.  They will work through these issues but not without shrill voices from the left.  Some of the older Dems have decided the next few years won’t be any fun, so they’re bowing out.  What in the world will the Senate be like without people like Dingy Harry?  Will it be a working Senate and not an obstructionist Senate?

Conservatives have a golden opportunity with President Trump and a solid majority in both the House and the Senate.  This is a time for coming together putting petty internecine squabbles behind for the benefit of the country.  There are some Republicans for whom this will be challenging since they have always been the gadflies who drive other Republicans nuts believing they are making a difference.  That has to be channeled into useful energy driving the ball across the goal line on many different issues.  We will see how mature and selfless some can be, and I suspect/fear we’ll have our share of disappointments in that respect.

The ObamaCare restructuring is a paramount issue.  It is in a death spiral and many now depend upon it.  It will not be an easy task but it must be completed and it must be done well.

And, ObamaCare is but one of many issues awaiting our next set of leaders.  We live in a dangerous world.  Russia is just waiting for an opportunity.  China is angry that we will not let it increase its domination in the Pacific.  The ISIS crisis being left to us by President Obama will be problematic.

The Obama legacy seems rather tarnished and he hasn’t even left office yet.  Maybe we will learn from this eight years.  Maybe we will be a bit more discriminating when another shiny object cries out to be noticed.  One thing is certain, we’ll have a whole different White House come January 20th.  And that President and his staff will need our prayers given the state of the world.

Ideally, the Democrats would refocus and become willing partners helping to drive our country to bigger and better things.  Maybe I hope for too much…but it would be nice, for a change.

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