Have You Lost All Hope?

If we are to heed the words of the First Lady, we are apparently now all without hope.  That, of course, would have to do with her husband being in the process of leaving the White House and with the fact that Donald Trump will soon be sitting behind the big desk in the Oval office.

There seems a relatively simple way to define liberals as there is to define conservatives.  Liberals are into feelings.  Conservatives are into facts.  That is a simple distinction, but it is also a factual distinction.

As the power of the Presidency is about to be granted to Donald Trump, a conservative, at our behest and taken from Barack Obama, a liberal, after our votes were counted it seems that all the liberals are able to come up with are catchy little phrases since they find it otherwise impossible to describe what they are ‘feeling’.

We are being told how we ought to be fearing the actual presidency of Donald Trump.  Contrast that if your memory permits with the days leading up to the inauguration of the dream President, Barack Obama.  That was equated to some earth-shaking new world thing that liberals could only define with phrases about feeling this and feeling that.  Now those same liberals are telling us what we ought to be fearing since a conservative by the name of Donald Trump is about to be sworn into the highest office in our land, and very probably in our world.

These are the same people who would encourage electors to ignore their mandate from us voters and cast their electoral ballot for Hillary Clinton instead of Donald Trump.  Electors have been bombarded with tens of thousands of pleas from the leftists to defy their duty and elect Hillary Clinton instead of Donald Trump.

Now we see the liberals in congress plotting the use of filibuster tactics to deny Republicans the opportunity to support President Donald Trump in anything and everything including his appointments to the United States Supreme Court.  Apparently, the mantra is simply “if we can’t win we can at least obstruct”.  That is just how they feel.

I note that all those who claimed they’d leave the country if there was a President Trump are still here.  They apparently simply don’t feel they have to live up to their verbal declarations.  Does that surprise any of us who describe ourselves as conservatives?  I doubt that one conservative could be found who thinks that way.  Those darned facts seem to get in the way of us feeling like a liberal.

Will there be difficulties under a President Trump?  It would defy logic to claim there’d be none.  There are despots and dictators in our world who’ll simply have to probe the will of President Trump by doing and/or saying things.  But, it is those very people who have to be engaged by our President rather than simply ignored by our President as has too often been the case these past eight years.  We will have an active, versus passive, approach to our relations with others in the world.  We will initiate some of those approaches and we’ll react to other needs for that approach.

President Trump will make his decisions based on realities and facts.  There will be no mistaking where the United States of America stands under President Trump.  Those who do not understand that will, in one way or another, come to understand fully this new President.  They may or may not like what they see, but they’ll know what they’re dealing with and will understand that feelings just aren’t as powerful under this leadership as they were under the past leadership.

We have already seen some of this in the appointments named by Trump.  They defy the usual approach in that many of the appointees are from the world of commerce where they have actually done for their stockholders what us U.S. stockholders, the citizens, want for our country.  This frightens those who deal in feelings while those of us who deal in facts are pleased, not frightened.  Oprah Winfrey can do the feeling thingy.  The leftist press can do that feely thing like they have always done the feeling thing.  Our President does not need to engage in that.

Beyond this, there is that U.S. Supreme Court that will take on a new complexion as President Trump makes his appointments and Congress approves those appointments. There is a list of more than four dozen Federal court appointments needing action quickly.  The Congress and President will take on a proactive approach.  We will again be taking our message to the leaders of the world rather than hoping not to hear from them as has been the past approach.

If there are people reading this blog who feel hopeless, I invite you to try the conservative approach. Begin to think rather than to just feel.  Try to see the facts as if they were something requiring your personal decision.  I’d imagine that you could find out that you are more conservative than you might believe.  I doubt that liberals run around giving their own money away to worthless causes.  I doubt that you would offer more for a new car than it is worth to you just because that seems the right thing to do.  I doubt that you would knowingly deprive our country of a sound and functional military if you gave serious thought to the fact that it protects you just as it protects conservatives.  Give conservatism a chance even if you can’t admit that to any of your friends.  You can stay in the closet if need be to maintain the aura of liberalism; we conservatives will welcome you just the same.

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