Notice a Trend?

Seems only a short time ago that the recreational use of Marijuana being voted on was begun.  Today the recreational use of ‘Weed’ is okay in Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, California, Alaska, Washington, D.C., Colorado, and Oregon.

Am I feeling what the old-time “teetotallers” felt with the approval of the use of alcohol?  Maybe so, but I suspect that, even as bad as alcohol has been for those who are unable to control their level of use, the use of Marijuana will prove to have been significantly worse.

It could be, with what we see passed regularly in our Congress, that we are already seeing the impact in Washington, D.C.  But, as I tend to do, I digress.

On a very serious note, I believe this trend will prove to have been much worse than the use of alcohol has proved to have been for millions of people dependent on alcohol and essentially being unable to function without a significant consumption of alcohol daily.  Marijuana seems to have a more insidious effect upon its users.  They do not consume so much that they pass out on the street as is the case with alcohol, but they consume sufficient amounts so as to lose all sense of propriety and to forget whatever social mores they might’ve been taught by their parents; mentioning parents, the using parents of youngsters tend to be less effective parents than non-using parents.  They obviously are setting a poor example for their children, who will have a significantly higher rate of usage having seen it in their “normal” home life.

We have embarked on the rapid slide down a slippery slope, and we codify that by voting to approve the use of marijuana state-by-state-by-state.  There is something wrong with this picture.

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