Obama and His Russia Threats…

We are about a month from the change in presidents mandated by our Constitution fulfilling the desires of the electorate.  With that as the backdrop, what does President Obama have up his sleeve and why would he make such a threat virtually at the beginning of President-Elect Trump’s first term?  He apparently has told NPR News that we will respond at a “time and place of our choosing” to threats by Russia.

That apparently means something will occur between now and January 20, 2017, when  Donald Trump is sworn in as our new President.  This suggests, quite strongly, that our departing President Obama was disingenuous when he wished incoming President Trump the best.  He wouldn’t be making these kinds of threats if he really wanted to leave a clean slate for President-Elect Trump.  This is not the mark of a ‘great man’ or a ‘great leader’as he’d hope we’d see him after his dust has settled.

Might it be that the ‘legacy’ President Obama will leave behind needed this bolstering through the last-minute accusations that, even if true, were not suitable at this late date in his Presidency?  This report apparently has been on his desk since October.  He claimed earlier that he personally told Putin to “cut it out” while in China where both attended a conference.  That is obviously very tough talk that must’ve caused Putin to pale and run away.

Is it even remotely appropriate for the outgoing Commander-in-Chief to make these kinds of potentially very damaging statements when he has done little or nothing about the Russian threat during his eight years in office?  Is this the first time President Obama has felt this urge?

The claim is that the Russians damaged Hillary Clinton’s possibilities through this hacking activity if there really was such activity.  Putin could’ve engaged in all kinds of nefarious activities and Hillary would’ve still managed quite nicely, on her own, to ruin any chance she had of becoming the elected leader of the United States of America.

Putin is reported to have had his operatives attempt access to both systems in both Democratic and Republican headquarters.  There has been a report that the DNC (Democratic National Committee) system was hacked but the latest indication is that the FBI has found no evidence that the RNC system had been penetrated.

Of course, the chief Obama spokesperson Josh Earnest felt it necessary to engage in typical political hyperbole to decry the Republican’s lack of outrage, etc., etc., etc.  Same old stuff, new day.

Quite simply, it seems, if anything occurred, the time for this hubris was prior to the election.  If anything occurred to the DNC, then why was it not done to the RNC?  The Dems would have us believe this was simply because Vladimir Putin wanted Trump rather than Clinton as the next president.  The RNC invited the FBI to explore its systems and the FBI found no evidence such as the President has claimed.  The RNC was not hacked but there had been at least one attempt to hack that system, as well.

Let us look at this situation from a different perspective, a non-political perspective if that is possible.  We surreptitiously try to gain entry to other countries’ systems.  China has a very extensive hacking organization.  Russia certainly is engaged in such activity.  This is not some deep, dark secret.  If the Clinton bathroom-based e-mail server wasn’t secure, that is on her.  If our national systems are not secure, that is on us and the incoming President Trump will very likely focus on that rather than to ‘pussy foot’ around warning people with warnings that do not stand up to the light of day.

The really bad thing about all this is the intentional timing of this bruhaha on the part of the outgoing President of the United States meant to bring discredit to his successor even as he, President Obama, tries to make us all believe he has nothing but the interest of our country in mind.  This is a petty display on the part of someone who thinks he is the best President we’ve ever had in the White House.  He apparently is concerned that this know-nothing Trump might just prove to be better at the job than was he.

How do you think something of this nature would’ve been handled at this late date by President Kennedy, or by President Reagan, or by President Carter?

I suspect there would’ve been a detailed SECRET briefing for the incoming leader of our country, but that we obviously would’ve known nothing about it BECAUSE IT WAS SECRET.  This handling has certainly made Russian President Putin’s day if he was behind this and if he sought the notoriety this would bring.  It did nothing to or for President-Elect Trump.

The ‘day late and dollar short’ release of this information likely can have only been done for one reason, and that reason was to diminish President-Elect Trump’s arrival in the Oval office.  It suggests some kind of collusion between Trump and Putin.  It casts aspersions on the next President by the outgoing President.  It was unnecessary and in very poor taste.

Quite frankly, this is the mark of a small person and it makes me very sad for him and for us.  This is not the way one should wish to leave the Oval office.  Will it diminish incoming President Trump?  Not in the least.  It already has diminished President Obama and it was done by his own hand; there is no one else to blame.


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