The Ludicrous Left…

The political left in our country is wobbling along under the weight of the Trump victory (and Clinton loss) lashing out at anything and everything that might explain why it was that they lost, and lost decisively.

It was Russian hacking!  That’s why the left lost.  Maybe aliens have hatched their plot finally to take over the country…maybe even the whole world.  She really won with her plurality but the Electoral College is rigged and ought to be abolished.  There is obviously something wrong; Trump couldn’t have gotten all those votes.

Unfortunately, we on the right, and in the right by the way, probably ought to get ready for this garbage to continue for a long, long time.  It can’t be easy to see your side wiped out, obliterated, decimated when Hillary was entitled to become the first woman President just as Obama was entitled to become the first black President.

Us conservatives need to get ready for our positions to be continually assailed by the mainstream media.  If you want to see what that looks like, go to the Washington Post website.  The liberals’ angst is on full display on that site.

I suppose that we need to be gracious in our victory, not that the other side ever is gracious in its victories; of course, those are, thankfully, relatively few and far between so they don’t get much practice.

Okay, enough gloating.

We need to be prepared for this to go on for a long time since the liberals will not have much else to do with themselves other than to be critical.  That is their role for at least the next two years when there are seats in Congress on the block,  and probably for four or more years given the state of our country today.  President Trump will not always hit homers so we will need to be prepared to take the onslaught that will be launched when that occurs.

The left is not going to play nice with others.  That is not in their collective DNA.  We are the adults, and we are expected to continually act the part; we are expected to act the part especially by the press.  They, the press mavens, will be laying in wait for conservatives to continue to celebrate for too long a time.  They will pick away at threads hoping they can create an unraveling of something that they can then write and speak about.  We have all watched press conferences and we know what to expect.

President Trump is probably going to give the press things about which to opine; he is not bashful about getting into verbal battles nor is the press.  As a conservative blogger, I expect a plethora of topics to be available; some I’ll be excited about and some I’ll probably wish weren’t available topics.  It ain’t all gonna’ be good news for us conservatives. Expert political marksmen will be verbally shooting at President Trump.  That is what they do; if there isn’t any news, then create it from whole cloth.

We are seeing the less-than-gracious current President already taking his shots, and I expect that will continue once he is out of office, unlike with other former presidents who have not taken potshots at their successors.  I don’t think that graciousness is part of Mr. Obama’s DNA.  Benjamin Netanyahu would probably agree with my assessment.

Some of the Democratic old-timers are bailing from Congress given what they’d have to put up with if they stayed.  A Republican President and a Republican-dominated Congress is simply more than a body can take.  But, there are still enough of the old-school Dems around to stir the pot.  Nancy Pelosi will get back on her broomstick and fly the hallways of Congress.  The usual Democrat puffers will be hard at work, maybe even full time for a change.  They are great at creating political traps and more often than not can count on a supportive press corps to go along with their antics.  With VERY rare exception, the press despises Donald Trump.

We conservatives have won a significant victory but we can ill-afford sitting back in the old rocking chair to enjoy the antics.  We have more than enough work to keep us fully occupied.

I look forward to observing the world’s leaders as they come to the table to deal with our new President.  I look forward to the powerhouse Cabinet that Trump is assembling, and to watching how that group works together.

This all promises to be new.  There will be new working relationships developed.  There will be some tough meetings with tough leaders elsewhere in the world.  I expect that President Trump will be more than able at his new tasks.  I expect America will be ‘great again’ in the eyes of the world’s leaders.

And the minority Democrats will occasionally be apoplectic.  Only in America!  What a country!

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